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The Green Light
Washroom worries?
This month in his regular slot,
The washroom should be carefully considered in therefore safe on the environment. The Eco3 system
Matt Anderson, Managing
any business as it can an indication of how clients contains naturally occurring microbes which are
and visitors judge the company’s outlook first released down the waste pipe and disrupt the
Director of Green Planet Solutions impressions do count. processes that cause limescale to build up in drains
explains how companies can If the washroom is a clean and pleasant environment
and taps, reducing blockages and urinal maintenance
improve their environmental
for both employees and visitors this creates a
issues as well as eliminating odours.
considerations for washroom
positive perception of the company, from both Wasteful paper towels and unhygienic material hand
inside and out. There used to be a misconception towels can be replaced with hand dryers. Traditionally
facilities without compromising
that a green, eco-friendly washroom meant that style hand-dryers are hugely wasteful of energy, however a
cleanliness performance.
and hygiene would be compromised, the reality new breed of hand dryer has been developed that use
couldn’t be further from the truth. energy efficient motors which not only reduce annual
At a time when concern for the environment has
What can be done?
cost consumption to as little as £8.00 per annum, but
reached an all time high, businesses are
Although rarely publicised, there are actually many
also give that all important rapid drying time .
increasingly looking for new ways in which they can
ways in which companies can adapt in order to You shouldn’t be scared of change as becoming
improve their environmental credentials. An area
prevent their washroom activity having a negative more environmentally friendly will benefit your
that is often overlooked in a business is the
impact on the environment. business as well as the environment. You should
company washroom; in recent times however, this is
The first step would be to look at replacing cleaning
however be fearful of not making changes because
one area that has become highly wasteful and
products that contain harmful chemicals. On the
if you don’t start planning them now you may risk
damaging to the environment and should be one of
market at the moment is an array of ‘green’ cleaning
damaging your company’s reputation in the long
the first places a company assesses in an effort to
products, but one should opt for a range that has a
term. It is much better to be seen as a forward
minimise its environmental impact.
reconised certification process such as the
thinking company that is committed to doing what it
Most companies consider various projects to European Eco-Label.
can to make changes than one that’s stuck in its
reduce their environmental damage but tend to
ways and is ignoring its responsibilities.
To save on water consumption, companies can
focus on large lengthy projects which cost a lot of
implement waterless urinal systems which only
money, take a long time to implement and rarely
require one flush per day. Over one year this
come to fruition. Companies that want to make a
dramatically reduces water consumption down to 156
difference now can implement quick, simple, cost
litres of water for each urinal and also dramatically
effective changes to their washrooms that will not
cuts costs down to 33 pence in the combined water
only help to reduce their carbon foot print but will and sewerage charge. There are a few waterless urinal
also improve the washroom perception. systems available that are also chemical free and
Star got her hands dirty for Big Tidy Up!
TV star Kirstie Allsopp launched Keep Britain Tidy’s
The Big Tidy Up went underway on September 10th Over the past year the Big Tidy Up has collected
nationwide blitz on litter with a canal side clean-up
and saw thousands of litter picks take place 50,000 bags of rubbish thanks to the support of
last month.
across England. people who took part in over 15,000 tidy ups across
Kirstie joined volunteers at the canal bank in Kings
the country.
Cross, central London to kick off the campaign. The Free Big Tidy Up kits will be sent to every person
site is minutes from St. Pancras International Train who organises an event. These include; posters,
Station, and is a beautiful part of London, but leaflets, Big Tidy Up tabards and Big Tidy Up
unfortunately suffers from some litter and graffiti. litter bags.
She said: “The Big Tidy Up is about everybody and
anybody mucking in to help clean up their area. It
could be local park that has fallen on hard times or
an alleyway that has become a dumping ground.
“The message is – let’s do something about it, get
stuck in and show others that it is not acceptable to
throw rubbish on the floor, giving no thought to how
that will effect the environment and the people who
have to live amongst it.”
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