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NHS say BIOQUELL is a success
Following the completion of the HCAI Technology Innovation
environment, and following the conclusion of the programme, the DoH
Programme co-ordinated by the Department of Health and NHS PASA,
and PASA assessed the contribution made by each of the technologies
the contribution BIOQUELL’s proactive decontamination service has
in SHP reports, published on their website.
been recognised as a success.
The conclusions of the report covering BIOQUELL’s Hydrogen Peroxide
The HCAI programme was devised in identify technologies which could Vapour (HPV) disinfection system are resoundingly successful:
benefit the NHS, and then validate and fast track them so that they can
“The BIOQUELL system - which is known to be an effective way of
be brought to bear against Healthcare Associated Infections.
disinfecting rooms and equipment - can be used without undue
The key aims of the programme were:
disruption to staff or patients”
• To speed up the development of technologies
“99% of staff would recommend it”
to further help combat HCAI’s; and In response to this report, BIOQUELL’s Head of RBDS Matthew Parks
• To identify which new technologies provide
the best value and will have the most impact. “By placing BIOQUELL’s Proactive decontamination Service into busy
The showcase Hospital Programme (“SHP”) sought to practically
operational NHS settings, the DOH have been able to assess the
evaluate technologies which have gained a RRP Recommendation 1,
benefits of our service. Despite the inherent problems of introducing
“validation and recent in use evaluations have shown benefits that
new technologies into existing operational structures, I am delighted
should be available to NHS bodies to include as appropriate in their
that we achieved such a high level of approval with all hospital staff.
cleaning, hygiene or infection control protocols.”
With hospitals always extremely busy it is very good news that we were
able to implement this service with 83% percent of those surveyed
These technologies were placed in seven NHS hospitals across the
reporting no delay to the admission or discharge of patients.”
country so a detailed evaluation of their ease of use and adoption, as
well as their economic features could be assessed in a real hospital Contact BIOQUELL at:
Formula 429 selected for NHS trial
Two London teaching hospitals have been In November 2008, an application was Whilst specially formulated wipes, sprays and
chosen to take the lead in the fight against submitted to Smart Solutions, an NHS program mousses are being used in the battle against
hospital bugs nationwide. to find applications to prevent Hospital Acquired MRSA, C diff and other deadly bacteria, the
They will try out new disinfection products for a
Infections, for a defined approach to combat all unique fogging approach used with Formula
three month period and if successful these may
Health Care Associated Infections. Whilst a 429 can ensure 100% coverage of critical areas
be used in other hospitals across the NHS.
variety of products and techniques are available, including all of the nooks and crannies where
Barts, The London NHS Trust and the Royal Free
the unique formulation and specific fogging conventional methods cannot always reach.
Hampstead NHS Trust are now trialing new
technique used to deliver Formula 429 can
One additional, major benefit of Formula 429 is
technologies designed to combat infections.
guarantee 100% coverage, with evidence strips
and ATP monitoring to define the full extent of
that, after treatment, surfaces continue to
One of the fantastic products chosen for the
eliminate bacteria. Success with these trials
trial is Chemspec Europe’s Formula 429. It was
will provide NHS validated test results and
developed to provide a safe and compliant anti-
By December 2008, Chemspec Europe was create other opportunities for many service
microbial product for the Damage Management
selected as one of 9 successful applicants out companies within the Damage Management
market and, since its launch, demand for the
of 250 submissions to run the 3 month trials. Industry. Many markets will benefit from the
product has grown steadily to deal with Flood
Conscious of the need for practical application unique effectiveness of this new development
Damage and also for the boosted 429 PLUS
resources, we rapidly agreed a working and the combination of tried and tested
version to treat Sewage and Trauma scenes.
partnership for the trials with ISS Damage restoration techniques with the proven
Control as the service provider. This effectiveness of Formula 429 is hopefully going
The products’ unique capabilities, residual efficacy
organisation has vast experience of work within to revolutionise infection control and save many
and broad spectrum kill ensured that recent trials
hospitals and, during January 2009, the lives, whilst substantially reducing costs within
with a leading pan European Damage Management
methodology and training needed has been the NHS.
company were very successful, giving practical
established to ensure that a robust protocol, for
proof that Formula 429 and 429 PLUS could also
the operation and auditing of the trials,
satisfy the urgent requirements of the NHS.
is in place for the February commencement.
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