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please contact: Charlotte Taylor at Anger over E.coli farm
2009 It has been impossible to read, listen or watch the more extensive measures should have been taken.
6th – 9th October news without hearing about the E.coli outbreak at
ISSA/Interclean North America, Chicago, US
We will all remember the seriousness of the
Godstone Farm.
bacteria when we think of Tom Dowling who
9th October
Thirty-six people, including 12 children, were taken
suffered permanent brain damage after contracting
Federation Window Cleaners Exhibition ill. Three children remain seriously unwell. E.coli on a school trip to Bowman’s Open Farm in
De Vere Herons’ Reach Hotel, Blackpool, UK
Hertfordshire back in 1997. The Health Protection Agency said that the non-
30th October
contact measures introduced on 3rd September
We wish those who are ill, a full recovery.
Golden Service Awards
should have been adequate to contain the outbreak.
Do you think correct measures were taken? Should
Royal Lancaster Hotel, London, UK
This included warning signs about hand hygiene,
the farm have been closed earlier for necessary
12th – 14th November
and available hand soaps and gels, but was this cleaning and treatment? Let us know your thoughts
Clean India Pulire, Mumbai, India
enough? Given the viciousness of E.coli perhaps at
17th – 19th November
Hygienalia, Valencia, Spain
ISSA announces details of conference
18th – 20th November programme for 2010 Amsterdam exhibition
Expoclean, Moscow, Russia
ISSA, the leading association for the cleaning industry world-wide, has released initial details of the
2nd – 4th December
conference programme it will be organising at the ISSA/INTERCLEAN-Amsterdam 2010 exhibition
Pulire Asia Cleaning, Solutions Expo, Singapore
(26th – 29th April 2010, the RAI Exhibition Centre, Amsterdam).
2nd – 4th December
The ISSA conference programme includes diverse exciting and topical presentations, panel debates and
World Toilet Summit & Expo, Singapore
forums. It will include a guide to help the cleaning & hygiene industry better understand the concept of
“sustainability” and how to practically apply it in daily cleaning regimes.
2010 Other sessions include an intriguing look at the future of cleaning. Also of note will be a discussion on the
18th – 19th March subject of “what constitutes clean?”
Carpex/WIndex, Ricoh Arena, Coventry, UK
Standard setting and regulatory matters will also be covered in detail including talks on the importance of
23rd – 25th March
certification and impact of standards such as REACH and the WEEE Directive.
Pulire Espana, Madrid, Spain
Further sessions are being added currently and speakers confirmed for the event but ISSA’s Director of
26th – 29th April
Exhibition Services Mark Armitage is already confident that programme for the next year’s Amsterdam show
ISSA/Interclean Amsterdam,
“will be possibly the most interesting and topical conference programme ever seen at a cleaning industry
Amsterdam, Netherlands exhibition anywhere in the world.”
9th – 11th June
For further information contact Mark Armitage by email:
ISSA/Interclean Latin America, Cancun Mexico
Scary shower story
Symptoms of a related lung infection would include new outbreak of swine flu and as a result some
US scientists have recently discovered that your
tiredness, dry cough, weakness and shortness schools are going beyond the soap and water
morning shower could actually make you ill and not
of breath.
standard to reinforce the cleanliness message.
as clean as you thought.
So next time you jump in the shower in a rush before
Pupils at Carrickfergus Model Primary School have
Most of us use the shower every day, I mean let’s
work, spare a thought to Mycobacterium avium and
been taking a bit longer to get to class, and this has
face it, a bath takes far too long right? So this
attack your shower head with a good squirt of your
nothing to do with traffic or forgetting their football kit.
modern convenience, as helpful as it may seem,
favourite bathroom cleaner!
Children were lining up to get hand-wipes as they
could in fact be extremely harmful.
Hand wipes at school gates
entered the school to kill off germs before they took
Tests have revealed that dirty shower heads can
For those of you with children you will be well-
their seats, despite the Department of Education
deliver a literal face full of a bacterium known as
accustomed to the usual signs of a new school term.
informing schools that soap and water are enough to
Mycobacterium avium, which is known to cause
New uniforms? Check. Lunch box? Check. School
keep the virus at bay.
lung disease.
bag? Check. Arrive at the school gates on time? Check.
Many schools have gone beyond the department’s
This may not be a problem for most healthy people
Hand wipes used before you enter the school? What?
recommendations on precautions, introducing
but pregnant women, or those with weakened
It has been believed for quite some time that the
sanitising gels in the classroom and using hand wipes
immune systems may well be at risk. return to school in September would bring a whole is another way of raising the issue with children.
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