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Tomorrow’s Products
Saul D Harrison have the
SpectraSan 24 is a hard-surface, fast- acting
Lightening the load for
Stronghold on swine flu with
disinfectant highly effective in killing the various
public sector, premises
new disenfectant wipe.
types of Influenza A. It is 100 percent biodegradable,
safe, and is the only registered disinfectant assigned
and facilities staff.
This highly effective surface disinfectant wipe
the lowest toxicity rating (IV) by the EPA. SpectraSan
A new generation of multifunctional electric
destroys 99.9% gram – positive and gram-negative
24 is strong enough for use in medical facilities,
powered vehicles are now available in the UK and
bacteria, most viruses, including Swine Flu,
restaurants, health clubs, and because it is safe, is
are ideal for caretakers and landscape related jobs.
Hepatitis C Virus, Human Immunodeciciency Virus
ideal for use in areas frequented by children, such as
Zallys S1 and Helpful T assist in speeding up
(HIV), fungi, other micro-organisms and bacterial
daycare centers and schools.
transportation of heavy or awkward shaped loads
activity such as Escherichia coli, MRSA, TB etc. around school playing fields, gardens, parkland and
SpectaSan 24 represents the first truly new and
public areas.
groundbreaking approach to microbial control in
nearly 40 years. It’s based on a new patented
molecule called Silver Dihydrogen Citrate, or SDC.
SDC is an electrolitically generated source of
stabilized ionic silver that, when formulated as a
disinfectant, is powerful yet safe, colorless,
odorless and non-staining.
For more information, visit
Vectair offers hand-held
This is an ideal disinfectant wipe for food contact
areas and medical environments as it is non-
In response to customer demand and enquiries we
The S1 is a four wheeled vehicle which can
tainting and therefore no rinsing is required. It is
have launched an additional ‘NEW’ product in our
primarily a surface wipe suitable for all surfaces
range. This is a 100ml hand-held Sanitizer
transport the user and loads of up to 100kg at 10
toilet seats, handles, desks, telephones, keyboards
bottle that is ideal to support in the Sanitex
mph. It has interchangeable accessories for
etc and has been dermatologically tested but can
as a portable method of sanitizing your hands. This
carrying many different sizes and types of load. To
also be used for hand wiping.
type of application is
complete the package the S1 can pull a trailer with
ideal for people
a capacity of 250kg.The three wheeled Helpful T is
The virologist at Blu Scientific, who has tested our
working in offices,
a pedestrian operated machine which is tiller
Disinfectant Wipes solution against influenza
restaurants, hotels,
controlled with added safety features to prevent the
A H1N1 has confirmed that it has efficacy against
and nursing homes
operator being crushed between the tiller and a
Swine Flu.
to name but a few.
fixed object. It has a sturdy flatbed frame which will
support a large range of accessories and can
Product Features & Benefits:
support loads of up to 300kg. Both are, emission
24 hour disinfectant
• 100ml Bottle size –hand held for easy
free and virtually silent.
Swine Flu, Influenza A (H1N1) continues to be the
application in all locations
Staff can use the vehicles to transport material,
topic of discussion on the news, in the home, at the
• Rapid Anti Microbial Activity –within 30
building matter, garden waste and anything that will
office, even among our politicians, and for good
fit into the container.
reason: The World Health Organization recently
• No Water needed –fully portable
declared H1N1 a pandemic.
Eric Mason, UK Distributor of Zallys comments:
• Over 200 applications per bottle
“They are ideal for staff in facilities and premises
Staffs at hospitals, nursing homes, schools, athletic
• Dries instantly management and keep staff working not walking.
and recreation facilities continue to seek new
information in order
• Packed x 12 refills per case
The size and the loading capacity make both
to keep their
This product is now IN STOCK and available for
models suitable for use by all ages and can help
environments as
purchase immediately.
reduce manual handling injuries caused by the
sterile as possible. lifting and carrying associated with these job roles.”
What most people
We expect demand to be very high for 100ml Hand
don’t know - yet -
Held Instant Hand Sanitizer therefore please let us
The Zallys S1 costs £4283 and the Helpful T costs
is that Swine Flu is
know as soon as possible if you would like to place
£4070 both of which can be offset against
no match for
an order.
corporation tax.
SpectraSan 24.
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