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The beauty of backpacks
The quality of cleaning equipment determines
Productive and profitable Occupational Health & Safety
the quality of the cleaning and quality should
So why choose a backpack rather than a
never be compromised.
conventional vacuum cleaner? Research
It is easy to ensure your workforce complies
As the sole UK distributor of Pacvac backpack
proves that backpacks are the most productive
with Occupational Health & Safety standards
vacuums, TML International plays a key role in
vacuum cleaners for the contract cleaning
while achieving high productivity when you
maintaining quality and high standards of
industry. Time is money – and cleaners can
have the right resources. That’s why Pacvac
health and hygiene in public places.
simply do more in less time with a good
supplies you with free OH & S and cleaning
backpack. A well-trained backpack operator
As a leader in the vacuum cleaner market,
methodology training materials. It’s all part of
Pacvac help cleaning contractors maximize
can clean over 700 square metres in an hour.
the service.
productivity. In fact, its revolutionary backpacks
Pacvac backpacks are the vacuum cleaner of
TML International is a UK company with over
can boost productivity by up to 25%.
choice for profitability in commercial cleaning.
25 years’ experience in the manufacture of
Pacvac Superpro
quality industrial vacuum cleaner bags,
The Pacvac Superpro has become the
supplying bags to Hoover Commercial,
benchmark cleaner, by which all other
Goblin, Truvox and Vax.
backpacks are judged. The Superpro is
As yet, cleaning is not perceived as a science,
designed for airports, hospitals, commercial
but it is a subject that is studied with much
premises, department stores and other large
scientific rigour. Indoor air quality, correct
public spaces where fine dust and grit collect. hand-washing and foreign bacterial infections
The Superpro Trans 700 is specifically wired
are now studied seriously and health and
for on-board power systems such as in
safety controls are being tightened.
aircraft. With an American Ametek 950 watt 2 Continuous quality improvement involves
stage motor and strong, consistent airflow, the finding the best way to clean and developing a
filtration system can last over 200 hours, and
When cleaning airports, hospitals and other
strategy that meets the needs of the
the backpack’s body-moulded frame complies
large public places, Pacvac is clearly a must
environment, the workforce, their training and
with health and safety legislation, providing
for any contract cleaning business. Its
tools. With a Pacvac vacuum cleaner, you have
users with increased comfort and the correct
Superpro models are specifically designed for
the tool needed to ensure that cleaning jobs are
body posture.
the job and with disposable vacuum cleaner
completed to the highest possible standard.
The Pacvac Superpro Micron 700 is designed
bags and environment friendly air filtration
for use in chemical laboratories and infection
systems, Pacvac customers can be seen to be
control critical hospital wards. With cyclonic ‘green’. The result is a cleaner, healthier
airflow, this model provides more vacuuming working environment for contract cleaners and
power and a four-stage filtration system. their clients.
Make way for the Truvox
Thorough cleaning working range and longer periods between
Valet Wide Area Vac
is achieved by the changing power ports, making the Wide Area Vac
The Truvox Valet Wide Area Vac delivers
Wide Area Vac’s an effective, powerful and user-friendly tool for all.
tremendous productivity benefits and great
1,800rpm motor
cleaning results for all your carpet needs. With a
and heavy-duty
It is also incoprorates a host of operator friendly
features, such as simple storage with easy fold
70cm cleaning path and two highly efficient 1,000
brush which
down handles, a safety switch and an
watt vacuum motors, it can cover two and a half
loosens ingrained
ergonomically-designed handle with cushioned
times the area of a typical upright or tub vacuum,
dirt whilst also
saving the operator’s time and costs. In addition,
reviving carpet pile. With 5 easily adjustable
grips. Truvox’s Valet Wide Area Vac is perfect for
the combined efficiency of its four stage filtration
height options, the Wide Area Vac can cope with
maintaining large carpeted areas such as airports,
process removes particles down to 0.3 microns any type of carpet with ease. The 25 metre power
shopping centres, and department stores.
rewarding you with cleaner carpets and cleaner air. cable also provides the operator with a larger
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