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Versatile vacuums with value
The TASKI vento range of professional through the filtration of the exhaust air from the easier and safer to carry the cleaner. It also
vacuum cleaners from JohnsonDiversey bypass motor and helps to reduce emissions helps to ensure the cleaner can be stored tidily
delivers on all fronts. Available in two different such as carbon brush deposits which are not in the minimum possible space.
models with 8 and 15 litre bag capacities the
captured by filtration stages before the motor.
The powerful but efficient electric motor
TASKI vento makes high performance
provides excellent suction of 55 or 61 litres per
cleaning practical and affordable in almost
Improving the quality of expelled air allows the
second, depending on version, which is much
any general purpose application including
vacuum to be used without distracting room
higher than comparable models from the
hotels, hospitals, care homes, offices and
occupants, and prolongs motor life to reduce
leading competitor. Its exceptionally low noise
schools. A comprehensive range of features
maintenance and replacement costs. An optional
level of just 59dB(A) means the cleaner is
and extremely competitive pricing make the
HEPA filter can be fitted to the 15 litre model to
almost as quiet as many less powerful models.
TASKI vento one of the best value options for
capture even smaller particles and is especially
owner operators and cleaning contractors.
suitable when extra hygiene is required, for
The TASKI vento is designed for reliable and
example in hospitals or care homes.
maintenance free operation and is supplied
The industry-leading multi-stage filtration
with a full one year warranty. Its polyproylene
system helps to improve air quality. The 8
Light weight and compact dimensions ensure
body is durable and robust while the
and 15 litre bags used by each machine are
TASKI vento is easy to use in confined or busy
distinctive grey livery stays clean for longer
available in both paper and synthetic fleece.
areas. Two fixed casters at the rear and two more
than brightly coloured alternatives. The power
The new synthetic fleece bags outperform
freely rotating at the front promote maximum
cable is fully detachable which means it can
conventional paper bags in three key areas.
stability and manoeuvrability and ensure the
be replaced quickly and easily to minimise
First, they offer better first stage filtration.
unit can be pulled in the desired direction very
downtime and service costs. The casters are
Second, they are less prone to bursting
easily. The functional handle design includes an
impact resistant and recessed in the chassis to
because the material is stronger with higher
intuitive opening mechanism, ergonomic foot
minimise the risk of collision damage. The
tensile strength. Third, there is improved
operated on/off switch and a convenient wrap-
metal suction tubes, with comfortable plastic
performance through the life of the bag and
around cable tidy.
handle to reduce the risk of RSI, are more
the vacuum has improved suction performance
A comprehensive set of accessories including
reliable than the plastic equivalent used on
if fleece bag is half full compared to
crevice nozzle, upholstery brush, and carpet
similar equipment from other manufacturers.
conventional paper bags. Overall, this means
brush kit is available as standard vento 15 or
that these disposable fleece bags improve air
as an option vento 8. A unique mounting holds
quality and give better cost in use.
the cleaning head and other tools securely in
Both machines can also have an exhaust filter place when they are not in use. This helps
as an option. This improves air quality further prevent the mislaying of tools and makes it
Nilfisk sweeps up at
cope with all outdoor hard surface areas including A flashing
Motherwell College
pavements. The sweeper is used by both day and beacon and
night staff primarily to control litter. reverse warning
Motherwell College in Lanarkshire has relocated to
The diesel powered RS502 vacuumated sweeper
a new £70M facility on the old Ravenscraig site.
copes well with litter, even picking up full coke
eliminates any
The brand new college comprises classrooms,
cans and bricks. The pressure washer facility on
potential health
workshops, theatres and catering facilities
board is used to clean bin areas and remove
and safety risk
covering 200,000 square feet.
chewing gum and graffiti from hard surfaces.
for students.
ISS have held the full facilities contract at
With a sweeping width of 1600mm the RS502
The RS502 has
Motherwell College since 1996. The range of
operates up to 15cm high kerbs onto pavements
the added benefit of a salt spreader accessory.
services extends from cleaning, janitorial,
and manoeuvres easily around shelters. The
At the first hint of a frost warning the salt
caretaking, 24 hr security and driving duties.
machine is fitted with a powerful 40.8HP 4
spreader is attached to the sweeper and used
George Lawson, Operations Manager for ISS Cylinder, engine and has an impressive climbing
to dispense salt evenly across all areas.
acquired the new Nilfisk RS502 road sweeper to ability of 22%.
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