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You can still enter
the BCA awards!
The Building Cleanability Awards (BCA) is still hunting for buildings that are designed for effective cleaning.
Big Brother star steps
The 2009/2010 Awards will be the eighth scheme promoted by the cleaning industry Livery Company –
up for ladder safety
The Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners, supported, as Awards Patron, by The British
Cleaning Council.
Professional builder and Big Brother star
Craig Phillips says ‘safety’ is key when working
This year sees the active involvement of the building design professions with both The Royal Institute of
with ladders.
British Architects and The Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists helping promote the Awards to
their architect and designer members.
The construction entrepreneur and winner of the
first series of the reality show today gave his
Associate Sponsors so far identified include The British Institute of Cleaning Science, Dougland Support
support to the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE)
Services, ISS UK, Mayflower Washroom Solutions and Selden Research.
ladder safety campaign for 2009.
The awards are open to any building of any age with an internal area in excess of 5,000 square metres.
The campaign
There are ten separate entry categories covering all types of buildings namely – public, commercial, education,
transport, hospitality, heritage, retail, health, leisure and sport. The latest scheme, covering the UK and
centres around a
Southern Ireland will accept entries through to December 2009 – so there is still time to get involved!
‘ladder exchange’
which gives every-
Any company or organisation, architect, designer, constructor, occupier, building owner, cleaning contractor
one the opportunity
or management company can enter one or more buildings – so now is the time to put your building on the
to get rid of old,
‘cleanability’ map, since building cleanability is a key cornerstone of sustainable building management.
damaged and
broken ladders and
trade them for new
ones. Over 5000
Ramon launches
Toilet paper wedding dresses!?
ladders have been exchanged under this scheme
new-look website
Did you know there was a 200% rise in marriage
since it first launched in 2007.
The site, which has had the same layout for some
ceremonies on the 9th day, of the 9th month, of
Craig, currently on ITV1’s 60 Minute Makeover, is
time, now includes more product information,
2009? What better way to celebrate the most
well aware health and safety at every level is
training videos, product specification sheets, the
popular date of the year to tie the not than making
important, he says:
function to request brochures, images, price lists,
lots of wedding dresses out of…toilet paper!
“If you take a chance with dodgy ladders you are
visits from Territory Managers and much more.
The project was commissioned by Hogla-Kimberly
risking your life. Every month over 100 people fall
Visitors will be able to use the ‘quick guide’
Ltd, partly owned by Kimberly Clark, as part of an
off a ladder at work and suffer serious injuries. So
function to select individual products and
advertising campaign to promote the Lily toilet paper
many of these accidents are avoidable and having
download the specification sheets as well as look
range, which was used to create the dresses that
safe equipment makes a huge difference. That’s why
at the product in more detail. The new ‘News and
were designed by seven Israeli designers in Tel Aviv.
I think the ladder exchange is such a great idea”
Marketing’ section has the facility to view and
Toilet paper, besides it’s obvious use, has been
download product information flyers, find detail on
The ladder exchange programme is one part of
known to make great papier-mâché, adorn many a
new products, view the amazing promotional offers
HSE’s ongoing Shattered Lives campaign which
tree on Halloween (be careful it’s coming!) whilst
available and see more details on how the
making your child into an Egyptian mummy but this
aims to reduce the number of injuries each year
customer can promote their company.
is certainly the most inventive!
that result from falling from a height.
The new site has received very positive feedback so
Now I know there are plenty of ways to save your
Don Aers, Chairman of the Ladder Association said:
far and Ramon Hygiene Products will continue to
cash during the recession, but this was one I didn’t
“Over two million people work on ladders daily in
develop it further. They are currently working on
expect. A word of warning for the fashion
the UK and we want all of those workers to work
downloadable product images and an ‘on-line’
conscious, try not to spill your champagne and
safely. We enthusiastically support the Ladder
shopping function which should be available soon.
always go for 2 ply!
Exchange because it’s an initiative, alongside
training, that can really make a difference.”
Visit to view the new
If you want to see the dresses in their full glory visit
site for yourself.
the BBC Newsbeat website for the video coverage.
When it comes to ladder safety, always ask yourself
three simple questions:
RGK’s new website
• Do you need a ladder or should you use some-
RGK, the Cleaning Equipment Specialists are pleased to announce they have recently revamped their web
thing different?
site featuring drop down menus, more product information, brochure downloads, all of which make it more • Is it the right ladder?
user friendly and all their product range more easily accessible.
• Are you using the ladder safely?
Google fact: The new RGK Website is first in ‘cleaning equipment’ out of more than 29 million websites on Google.
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