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HOLY LAND TOUR with Dr. John Jackson and the President’s Circle

A journey to the Holy Land is an experience of a lifetime. From March 9 to 19, 2016 our President Circle and Dr. John Jackson will host a trip to Israel. During this time participants will walk where Jesus walked and hear, see, and smell this beautiful land. Te group will be led throughout the land by President John Jackson and Jessup’s Bible and Teology Department Chair, Dr. David Timms. As they guide this intimate group, they will explore the depths of God’s Word and experience the presence of Jesus together in ways they will never forget.

To share a bit more about this transformational journey please hear from our resident Bible scholar, Dr. Timms.

As a Bible Scholar what excites you personally and what do you expect to experience?

“Reading about a place provides a one-dimensional experience. Traveling to Israel, walking where Jesus walked, experiencing the weather, feeling the rocks, and smelling the smells, will turn everyone’s experience of the gospels inside out. It’s profoundly enriching when we can stand where the Apostles stood and climb the hills and see the landscape where our faith was birthed. I expect it to provide spiritual renewal and a spiritual anchor for everyone who goes. Oh, and I expect to come back with 1000 photographs to share with students!”

What teachings will come to life outside the classroom first-hand in Israel?

“Te entire Bible is a story. Te story of God redeeming humanity and the heartbeat of that story (the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus) unfolded in a very specific location: Israel. Our understanding of the gospel itself can be enhanced by a trip like this. We can read what the gospel writers recorded, but to see fig and olive trees, the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan River, the city of Jerusalem and the nearby wilderness, turns a flat photograph into a powerful drama in which we can participate in a unique way for 10 days. Wow!”

How will this trip to Israel change your life?

“Life change is never something we can control or predict. I’m confident, however, that if we go with an open heart, the risen Christ will walk again with us on the road to Emmaus and our hearts will burn within us in unexpected, God-shaped ways (Luke 24:32). He tends to show up more in disguise than in fanfare, so we’ll most likely be changed as we attend to the small things not the large. Israel won’t change my life, but God may do so through the Israel experience.”

Please prayerfully consider joining us March of 2016! We only have 70 reservations for this trip. For more information, contact or visit


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