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FOR THE FUTURE (continued, from pg. 21) From a local outreach perspective, the university currently serves five different organizations on a regular basis. Tose include Te Glass Slipper, Christian Encounter Ranch, Sunrise Senior Care Center, Sayonara City Center and a homeless outreach program with Volunteer Church Network.

Jessup students have impact wherever they go. “We really enjoy watching the faces of our little girls light up as they arrive at our training site in Citrus Heights and see what the Jessup students have planned out for their morning,” said Jackie Guzman, Director of Te Glass Slipper, an outreach program for at risk women.

“Tese beautiful volunteers prepare treats, and an activity involving seasonal decorating; crafts, and lessons including etiquette to enhance the lives of girls ages 7-11 in foster-care. Much awareness has been brought to the issue of sex trafficking, and sadly, girls in foster-care make up 60- 70 percent of the national statistics,” Jackie said. “At Te Glass Slipper, we work with this impacted adolescent population and believe the best way to end sex trafficking is to never let it start. WJU volunteers are helping us accomplish our mission of prevention. As these wonderful volunteers invest into the lives of our youngest girls, they are affirming their value and worth, and letting them know they are loved and not forgotten. Teir investment is making a positive lasting impact beyond what they might even realize.”

Whether students are washing the feet of a homeless person or leading a Bible study in a senior care home, Jessup students are actively serving the community. Students experience what it means to connect with someone they never thought they would meet and have the opportunity to share the hope of Christ with someone who is different, someone who may literally live on the street. Tis experience leaves students yearning for more. “Most students who participate in local missions tend to want to come back. We would love to see more and more students seize this opportunity,” Becca added.

One student put it this way, “I think that part of what Jesus would want us to acquire is the skills to learn practical applications in a life of service.” Tere are all kinds of ways to serve at Jessup and as we embrace the future, local and global outreach programs will provide students with increased service learning opportunities to shine the light of Jesus wherever our Lord takes them.



Shortly after moving back to Placer County from Southern California, Kristen Klemin (‘11) decided to apply to the SPS program to complete a degree in psychology. “Although I was satisfied with my career, I knew I wouldn’t be able to reach my personal or professional goals without finishing my degree. Jessup’s convenient location and class schedule allowed me to manage my full-time work schedule, family, and school.” During her time at WJU, Kristen managed Faces365 Spa in Roseville, Calif. Under her leadership the company grew from a member base of 300 to 900 and increased product sales from $1,500 to $12-15,000 per month.

One may assume that pursuing a business degree would have been the most natural fit for her line of work but she decided on a degree in psychology. “For me, the Psychology program provided a foundation to manage employees and client relationships and provides a great platform for any future opportunities that come my way,” Kristen said. Upon completing her degree, she had the opportunity to become the owner of Faces365 of which Kristen had been managing for five years. “Having my degree gave me the confidence to pursue this new endeavor.”

One of the most important lessons Kristen learned while at Jessup was that it is never too late to work on your goals. “I constantly work to balance the relationships in my life such as my relationship with Christ, my roles as a wife, mother, and as a business owner. I know that learning will never stop and that makes me excited about the future. I feel confident now that I can balance my many roles in life and school. WJU makes it easy.”

Kristen currently lives in Roseville, Calif. with her husband, Matt and their one-year-old son, Mason. She one day hopes to return to WJU to earn a graduate degree and plans to actively participate in the Alumni Association.


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