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COMMUNITY for theFUTURE Church Relations As we move into the future, the mission of William Jessup University remains the same. Jessup operates in partnership with the Church to prepare Christians for leadership and service in church and society, through Christ-centered higher education, spiritual formation and directed experiences.

Jim Jessup is director of church relations where he has been at the helm since 2003, just prior to the university’s relocation to Rocklin in 2004. Over the years, Jim continues to faithfully and enthusiastically serve the region and beyond preaching in numerous churches at least three Sundays a month. He shares the university’s latest developments to churches large and small and often brings a student led performance group to lead worship and ultimately help those in attendance better understand the heart of Jessup students as they give testimony to their experience at WJU.

As the university continues to attract more students, Jessup’s relationship with the church is expected to grow reaching more churches and providing various pastoral support services via student preachers or worship leaders for churches that may require additional assistance for various reasons.

Jim is largely responsible for sharing Jessup’s mission with the 103 current church partners regularly supporting the university. Tese churches give to the scholarship fund on a regular basis. Tis year alone, churches will give over $250 thousand. Some of these


Each year, Jim connects dozens of churches to their next pastor, youth pastor or worship leader through direct communication as he networks with pastors and various church board members.

Community In a recent speech delivered during Jessup’s

residential dorm groundbreaking ceremony, Rocklin Vice Mayor Greg Janda expressed the positive impact that Jessup continues to make in Placer County.

Many people don’t realize WJU has thousands of community members set foot on the growing campus, often for the very first time, to attend an event, class or meeting hosted on campus. Te National Day of Prayer Breakfast brings a sell-out crowd annually. Feed My Starving Children utilizes Jessup’s facilities during its mobile-pack event that provides community members with the opportunity to pack food for starving children throughout the world. Placer Arts Commission uses the Paul Nystrom Library to host art shows and tours also open to the public. Assemblywoman Beth Gaines hosts her women’s forum in the Academic Warehouse, drawing influential women to campus to network with other women who are making a difference across the region.

churches are in Arizona, Oregon and Southern California. Te office of Church Relations also awards church partner grants to students. Tis year, 299 students received grants totaling $911,329.

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