New USSMCA champions crowned in Columbia County

By Mark Kretzmann, Event Chairman hosted the 41st I

n February, the five curling clubs of Co- lumbia County in Wisconsin (Arlington, Lodi, Pardeeville, Portage, and Poynette) National Senior Men’s Curling

Championships, sponsored by the U.S. Senior Men’s Curling Association (USSMCA). Seventy- two teams came from as far away as California, Arizona and North Carolina came to compete in three divisions: Masters (age 68+), Super Seniors (age 63+), and Seniors (age 55+). Te event kicked off on Wednesday evening

with a welcome gathering at Portage Curling Club that featured the “music” of Laverne Grif- fin and his Hogliners. Te guest speaker at the banquet, attended by about 350 people, was Patrick McDonald, two-time Paralympic curler and member of the Athletes Commission of the World Curling Federation. Te championships featured a four-game

guarantee, and the draw sheet was designed so that teams would play in at least three, usually four, and sometimes all five clubs. Te skip of one of the winning teams boasted that he had played in all five clubs and gained five pounds over the weekend – one pound for each club. Te three teams that successfully made all the adjustments and never lost a game were the Qualle rink from Arlington, Wis., in the Masters Division; the Sormunen rink from Duluth, Minn., in the Su- per Seniors Division; and the LeClair rink from the Coyotes Club in Tempe, Ariz., in the Seniors Division. Te championships provided a great opportu-

nity for the senior curlers to see old friends, make new ones, and tell (embellish?) good curling sto- ries. Everyone is looking forward to next year’s event hosted by the Wausau Curling Club, Feb. 22-25. Here are the division results: Masters Division

1EW–Arlington: Dave Qualle, Bill Monteufel,

Clif Erstad, Gordon Dunn 1ERU–Poynette: Dean Teeter, Jon Vaningan,

Mark Kretzmann, Vern Herr 2EW–Portage: LaVerne Griffin, Jim Lee, Bob

Currell, John Rosenberg 2ERU–Charlotte: David LeFehr, Omar Van Rooyen, Wayne Remmel, Lionel Hardy

28 28 ))

)) 3EW–Marshfield: Clarence Topp, David Bjar-

nason, Jim Sherburne, Tom Krake 3ERU–Exmoor: Larry Brown, John Beckwith,

Ken Cooke, Bob Kohn 4EW–Milwaukee: Ken Van Till, George

Holmes, Tom Towers, Bill Frazier 4ERU–Exmoor: Mike Griem, Art Helt, Steve

Hatch, Denis Pepin Super Seniors Division

1EW–Duluth: Seppo Sormunen, Doug

Cameron, Bob Spry, Roger Hendrickson 1ERU–St. Paul: Donn Satrom, Mike Liapis,

Mark Varianno, Pat Tillis 2EW–Poynette: Barney Lohan, Tim Larson,

Don Jackson, Art Woodward 2ERU–Pardeeville: Steve Tompson, Jim Nel-

son, Greg Freiberg, Doug Hare 3EW–Detroit: Don Warthman, Sam Kilby, Jeff

Deneen, Buck Kenyon 3ERU–Portage: Harry Erdman, Dan Brunt,

Chuck Miller, Ralph Augustin 4EW–Lodi: George Godfrey, Dick Ryan, Doug

Nelson, Jerry Carncross 4ERU–Aksarben: Jim McGowan, Craig

Larson, Graham Mitenko, Ralph Roza Seniors Division

1EW–Coyotes: Bob LeClair, Greg Gallagher,

Tom Danielson, Jeff Baird 1ERU–Kettle Moraine: Dale Clark, Tom

Miazga, Garry Mensch, Tom Koeppen 2EW–St. Paul: Mark Faltesek, Jim Milosevich,

Craig Futterer, John Eustice 2ERU–Madison: Stan Vinge, Jim Wilson,

Mark Swandby, Mark Hartman 3EW–Detroit: Chuck Tomas, Leroy Bliven,

Scurvy Heath, Juan Heath 3ERU–Columbus: Mike Pintar, John Jackson,

Rick Olson, Tom O'Brien 4EW–Kettle Moraine: Neil Feil, Bob Cuomo,

Steve Keshen, Craig Schambow 4ERU– Orange County: Bob Kuhl, Gordon

Harder, Bill Waddington, Bob Krause 5EW–Bemidji: Dave Chandler, Stevens

Johnson, Terry Mattson, Pat Whiting 5ERU–Poynette: Dwayne Jacobson, Dave

Carlson, Richard Maskel, Richard Berling 6EW–Exmoor: Jeff Wright, Phil Calcutt, Ken

Brown, Jeff Warner 6ERU–Madison: Paul Matzke, Rich Lepping, Joe Weber, Rob Wixson

Winners of the Senior Division were (l-r) Bob LeClair, Greg Gallagher, Tom Danielson, and Jeff Baird of the Coyotes Curling Club.

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Winners of the Super Seniors Division were (l-r) Seppo Sormunen, Doug Cameron, Bob Spry, and Roger Hendrickson of Duluth.

Winners of the Masters Division were (l-r) Gor- don Dunn, Clif Erstad, Bill Monteufel, and Dave Qualle of Arlington.

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