CHAMPIONSHIPS USA 10th at World Mixed Doubles

From Page 12: Olympic berths secured “We just lost to a great team. Tose guys

played fantastic. Sometimes you just get beat,” George said. “I tip my cap to them. I don’t think Benoit (Schwarz) missed a shot against us in the past two games.” Canada’s Brad Gushue rink defeated Sweden’s

Niklas Edin in the gold-medal game to finish a perfect week at Northlands Coliseum. Aſter a bronze-medal finish last year, the

Americans played a solid game until things un- raveled in the seventh end as Switzerland scored four and took the lead for good. “It’s a good lesson, truthfully. We got heavy there on a few draws, bounced off, and they made good shots. If my last one curls a quarter-inch less, they have to draw for one. It got away and I had a chance to save it and, obviously, it wasn’t an easy shot. We got a little unlucky on my two. Tat’s what curling is, a game of quarter-inches,” Shuster said about the seventh end in which the U.S. team missed several key shots to put Swit- zerland in control. Te w ld c

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both t e S ber’s 2

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m USA’s Hamilton r nd robin with a p l hopes slipped a s in a heartbre

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k went through the t 7-0 record b t t

d away in t e R reaking l

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pearance at t “We’re c

m Russia, 7, 7-5, to fi e at this w ld c

not be a le to w n a m o rep the U.S.A.,” H

wouldld falll to t e re , to finish 1 h in t

re an Olympic bic berth for t e U . In t e B s , the U.S.. w

s world champioionship e re coming h re to w n g

re to lose, e, either. I d. I didn’t t Canada to g t my b to rep t e U

a to get my butt k c a d a dramatic l

goldld-medal gl game, 6 5. C Republic, 6 Te H

ic, 6-2, to s e Hamilton s

qualified sod so f far f r t e 2 Doubles T m T December at t e U Curling in B

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Switzerland w t on to d atic last s ot t

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nd went on to defeat C t shot to score

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, 6-5. China defeat re the bronze m

les Team Trials, w ich w l t s then went to the B side of

t and made quick work out off their s – Hungary and Iy and Italy – t

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r the U.S. In the B side to the reigning champs h 10th in their fi t ar first ap- p event.

. We might

ot be able to win a medal al anymore, b t w re not here to lo

t travel a l t e w y t . We’re stilll t

at Canada w r points in t ated the C e medal.

n siblings are o e of fi e t r for the 2018 U . O

, which will take p

re, but we’re not l all the way to trying

a with s in the e Czech

s are one of five teams 8 U.S. Olympic Mic Mixed e place t

e this

r at the U.S. Olympic Tic Training S e f g in Blaine, M, Minn. Q

g Site for

USA’s Becca Hamilton and Matt Hamilton had a perfect round robin but fell to Finland in the open- ing round of the playoffs to finish 10th. Photo courtesy of the World Curling Fedearation

USA round robin scores:

USA 13, Kazakhstan 1 USA 7, England 2 USA 13, Turkey 3 USA 10, Germany 1 USA 7, Czech Republic 4 USA 9, France 5 USA 8, Canada 6

d but their

y in the Round o 1nd off 16 g last-rock lo s to F

k loss to Fin-

Hamilton siblings take win streak to national title By Terry L. Davis, Editor

Hamilton, they have the perfect blend of compet- itiveness with a side of goofiness that turned out to be the perfect recipe for success as the siblings captured the 2017 USA Curling Mixed Doubles National Championship title in March. With a last-rock draw to the four-foot, the


Hamiltons defeated Joe Polo (Duluth, Minn.) and Tabitha Peterson (Eagan, Minn.), 7-6, to win their first mixed doubles national title. “It’s pretty rewarding to play in a tournament

and win it with my brother,” said Becca Ham- ilton. “To grind out that many wins in a row is pretty special. I’m looking forward to being able to compete with him more. Even though it might not look like it at times on the ice when we fight, he’s a great teammate.” Spoken like a true little sister.

14 ))

ome families have sibling rivalries while some create lifelong friendships. For Wisconsin’s Matt Hamilton and Becca

Te journey to the national title included

surviving two rounds of tiebreaker games yes- terday and three playoff matches to finish with a 7-3 record at the Four Seasons Curling Club. Te duo went on to represent the U.S. at the 2017 World Mixed Doubles Championship April 22- 29 in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. In addition, Becca Hamilton, 26, was part of Team USA at the 2017 CPT World Women’s Championship in late March in Beijing, China, and Matt Hamilton, 28, competed at the 2017 Ford World Men’s Champi- onship in April in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. (Polo and Peterson also were members of those teams). It was just the second loss of the tournament

for Peterson and Polo, who won bronze at last year’s World Mixed Doubles Championship – the first medal at the event for the American program. “It was the fastest sheet that we’ve played on

all week and it caught up with us in the first end. Tey made a lot of draws and put us in some

tough spots. We tried to battle back and make it a game,” said Polo, who won Olympic bronze in 2006. In the opening end, an opportunity for a big

scoring end developed for the Hamiltons. Polo played a double takeout in an attempt to cut down the potential bounty. But Becca Hamilton was able to convert a tapback to score four points to take a big lead. In the second end, Polo and Peterson had an opportunity to capitalize on an error with a draw for three points, but the final stone was heavy as the pair settled for two. Aſter Matt Hamilton’s stone wrecked on a

guard in the third end, Polo was able to make a takeout and leave three of his team’s stones in the house. Becca Hamilton was forced to throw a hit to score a single point. In the fourth end, Polo and Peterson got a stone buried in the four-foot but were unable to wedge another one in to score multiple points. In the fiſth end, the Hamiltons had a chance to score three or four points if they converted a slash double takeout. However, the

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