CHAMPIONSHIPS Silver finish for USA boys in South Korea By Terry L. Davis, Editor

Curling Centre, Korea has already made history by capturing its first world championship gold medal with a last-rock win over Andrew Stop- era and the U.S. men at the 2017 VoIP Defender World Junior Championships in Gangneung, South Korea. With just enough roll aſter the takeout of the


U.S. stone with the final shot of the game, Korea’s Lee Ki Jeong rink defeated the Americans, 5-4, to win the championship final. Stopera (Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.) and team-

mates Luc Violette (Lake Stevens, Wash.), Ben Richardson (Issaquah, Wash.), Graem Fenson (Bemidji, Minn.), and Nick Connolly (Seattle) earned silver medals for the second straight championship. Te team is coached by Mark La- zar (Toledo, Ohio). “Well, we’re disappointed and it sucks right

now, but in a few days’ time we’ll start to be pleased with silver,” said Stopera, who was com- peting in his first World Juniors. “Tere might have been a couple of shots I’d want to re-play, but we made some good ones too – so did they. We’ve learned what it takes at this event and we’ve got two more years as juniors. Tis is as big as it gets for us. Now we’ve got to put in the hard

ith less than a year until the 2018 Olympic Winter Games will be contested at the Gangneung

work to try to get back here.” Needing a deuce to tie the game in the ninth,

the U.S. team was able to use the guards to their advantage to set up a draw and tie the game. Ko- rea played a perfect draw with their second shot of the 10th

end to place a stone in the top of the

four-foot behind USA’s guards. Not to be out- done, Richardson drew down carefully through the port into the other side of the four-foot for shot rock and protected it until the end. USA used its final stone of the 2017 World Juniors to make a hit on the Korean stone in second posi- tion. Te U.S. team was hoping to get more of a roll on it to make Korea’s final shot more difficult, but it was rather routine for Jeong as they deliv- ered home the winning shot. Norway defeated Scotland, 10-3, aſter a fast

start to win the bronze medal. In the women’s competition, Sweden defeated Scotland, 10-7, to win the gold while Canada got past host Korea, 6-3, to secure the bronze. Annmarie Dubberstein and the American la-

dies won a very important match of their young careers as they defeated Japan to avoid relegation for the United States next season. With an 11-8 victory over Japan’s Misaki

Tanaka rink, Dubberstein (Portage, Wis.) and teammates Christine McMakin (St. Paul, Minn.), Jenna Burchesky (Warpole, Mass.), Allison Howell (Cleveland, Ohio), and Madison Bear (Pardeeville, Wis.) finished in seventh place at the Gangneung Curling Centre, in Gangneung, South Korea. “Tat was very important. It determined

whether the USA women would be relegated for next year’s Worlds, which would mean that a rep- resentative of U.S. would have to go to the Junior Bs in early January to try to get a spot back at the Worlds, which I’ve heard is very competitive – we did not want to end up in that position. So, we’re very pleased,” said Dubberstein, 19, a student at the University of Minnesota who was competing in her first World Juniors. Te top seven countries aſter the round robin

Team USA’s Jenna Burchesky (above, leſt) and Al- lison Howell sweep during round robin action of the 2017 World Junior Championships in South Korea at the Gangenung Curling Centre. USA Vice Skip Luc Violette (top) delivers during playoff action.

Photos by World Curling Federation 10 ))

concludes earn automatic berths for the follow- ing year’s World Junior Championships, which in 2018 will take place in Scotland. Dubberstein and the U.S. ladies had to play Japan in a tie- breaker match to determine which team would be ranked higher and avoid relegation.

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Korea USA

Scotland Norway Canada

China Turkey

USA *Korea

Switzerland Sweden Italy

2017 VoIP World Junior Championships Feb. 16-26, PyeongChang, South Korea Round robin standings: Men 8-1 6-3 6-3 6-3 6-3 4-5 4-5 2-7 2-7 1-8

Tiebreaker: Norway 8, Canada 7 Page playoff 1-2 game: 001 032 100 0 – 7 010 200 010 1 – 5

Page playoff 3-4 game:

Scotland *Norway

Scotland *Korea

020 110 010 21 – 8 201 000 103 00 – 7


020 010 10x x – 4 302 103 02x x –11

Bronze-medal game:

*Scotland 000 101 10x x – 3 Norway

*USA Korea

Gold-medal game:

223 020 01x x –10 000 020 002 0 – 4

000 100 210 1 – 5

*last rock in first end Sportsmanship Award: Magnus Vagberg, NOR USA men’s round robin game results:

USA 7, Scotland 6 Italy 5, USA 3 USA 9, Switzerland 6 Korea 7, USA 4 USA 6, Canada 2 USA 10, Turkey 1 USA 5, Norway 3 Sweden 9, USA 8 (extra end) USA 6, China 4 USA statistics by position & overall ranking:

Team, 80% (2nd) Andrew Stopera, skip, 80% (2nd) Luc Violette, vice skip, 82% (1st) Ben Richardson, second, 80% (3rd) Graem Fenson, lead, 78% (6th)

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