CHAMPIONSHIPS By Terry L. Davis, Editor

on the prestigious U18 USA Curling National Championship trophies, donated by the family of late United States Curling Association Presi- dent Chris Moore as the inaugural event came to a close at the Milwaukee Curling Club. By winning, the Flannery and Elwing rinks

earned the right to represent the United States at the U18 Player’s Championship April 14-16 in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Te bronze medals were won by Maya Willertz’s Great Lakes team and Grand National’s Chase Sinnett rink. Flannery (Mankato, Minn.) and teammates

Leah Yavarow (Bemidji, Minn.), Rebecca Miles (Duluth, Minn.), and Mackenzie Ritchie (Bemi- dji, Minn.) scored in the final end to defeat Grand National’s Elizabeth Cousins rink, 5-4. Elwing (Brookfield, Wis.) and his team of Trevor Mar- quardt (Poynette, Wis.), Ryan Elwing (Brook- field, Wis.), Connor Hipke (Wauwatosa, Wis.), and Robert Hipke (Wauwatosa, Wis.) from the Wauwatosa Curling Club stole the winning point to defeat Washington’s Luc Violette rink, 3-2, in a low-scoring affair. Te Minnesota ladies started out with a deuce

and limited the offense of Grand National until Cousins (Medfield, Mass.) and her team of Rane Anderson (Downington, Pa.), Sailor Anderson (Downington, Pa.), and Sydney Mullaney (Con- cord, Mass.) scored two in the seventh end to tie the game. Flannery, who recently competed at the Women’s National Championship (fourth place) and Junior Women’s National Champion- ship (second place), was able to score the neces- sary point for the U18 title win. Elwing’s rink only scored once with the last-

rock advantage when they earned a single in the sixth end aſter Violette (Lake Stevens, Wash.) and teammates Ben Richardson (Issaquah, Wash.), Alexander Couckuyt (Bothell, Wash.), and Connor Kauffman (Lynnwood, Wash.) took a 2-0 lead at the halfway mark. Wisconsin got a stone buried in the side of the house late in the eighth end that Washington could not remove despite several runback attempts. In the women’s bronze medal game, Wash-

ington’s Nikole Lorvick rink had the early ad- vantage aſter stealing two points in the third end for a 4-1 advantage over Great Lakes. Willertz (Midland, Mich.) and her Midland Curling Club

Te 2017 U18 National Championships saw the Minnesota I ladies and Wisconsin I boys capture the inaugural national titles. Te teams (above) pose with the trophies, which were donated by the family of the late Chris Moore via the Chris Moore Legacy Fund.

Minnesota girls, Wisconsin boys win U18 titles M

innesota’s Cait Flannery and Wis- consin’s Michael Elwing rinks will be the first team names engraved

2017 U18 National Championships March 9-12, Milwaukee, Wis. Round robin standings: Girls Pool A:

Grand National I (Elizabeth Cousins) 5-0Q Great Lakes I (Maya Willertz) Wisconsin I (Andrea McDonald) Minnesota II (Anya Normandeau) Dakota Territory II (Emily Martin) Mountain Pacific (Lily Irvin) Pool B:

Minnesota I (Cait Flannery) Washington (Nikole Lorvick)

Dakota Territory I (Abbey Kitchens) 3-2 Wisconsin II (DaKotah Crotty)

Grand National II (Elizabeth Rodgers) 1-4 Great Lakes II (Claire Blaske) Tiebreakers:

2-3 1-4

Great Lakes I 11, Wisconsin I 0 Washington 5, Dakota Territory I 4 Semifinals:

Grand National I 7, Washington 1 Minnesota I 9, Great Lakes I 0 Bronze medal:

Great Lakes I 7, Washington 5 Gold medal:

Minnesota 1 6, Grand National I 4 Round robin standings: Boys Pool A:

Washington (Luc Violette) Wisconsin I (Michael Elwing)

5-0Q 4-1Q

team of Delaney Strouse (Midland, Mich.), Mad- elyn Graves (Gladwin, Mich.), and Rachel Weldy (Midland, Mich.) scored two points in the sixth end to cut into the lead and stole the remaining two ends to secure the bronze medals. Sinnett’s Grand National team took the lead

early in the men’s bronze-medal game against Minnesota’s Riley Fenson rink and never relent- ed. Sinnett (Medfield, Mass.) and teammates Eli Clawson (Clarksville, Md.), Andrew Gittis (Ex- ton, Pa.), and Daniel Casper (Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.) scored three points in the opening end, fol- lowed up by stealing a single, and held off Fen- son’s comeback in an 8-4 victory over the Bemidji Curling Club squad. Te Garland Legacie Spirit of Curling Sportsmanship Award was presented to Sydney Warch of Team Minnesota II. Legacie was the USCA’s chief ice technician for many years before losing his battle with cancer. At the Player’s Championship in Ontario,

Flannery’s team fnished the round robin with a 2-2 record and advanced to the playoffs where they won their quarterfinal match. Aſter losing

Grand National II (Matt Rosenbloom) 2-3 Great Lakes II (Austin Carlson) Mountain Pacific (Casey Morley) Minnesota II (Charlie Tompson) Pool B:

2-3 1-4 1-4

Grand National I (Chase Sinnett) Minnesota I (Riley Fenson)

Wisconsin II (Benjamin Randall) Great Lakes I (Andrew McDonald) Great Lakes III (Cameron Roehl) Dakota Territory (Logan Lies) Semifinals:

Washington 5, Minnesota I 2 Wisconsin I 5, Grand National I 4 Bronze medal:

Grand National I 8, Minnesota I 4 Gold medal:

Wisconsin I 3, Washington 2

in the semifinals, the team dropped to the con- solation final where they were victorious for a 5-2 overall record. Elwing’s team was 1-3 in the round robin and not playoff-eligible. Sinnett’s rink qualified for the championship by winning a Grand Slam event earlier in the season and finished with a 4-3 record aſter losing the conso- lation final. Te 2018 U18 National Champion- ships will be held at the Bemidji (Minn.) Curling Club Feb. 20-25. Q

USA Curling (( 17

5-0Q 4-1Q 3-2 2-3 1-4 0-5

3-2Q 3-2 2-3 1-4 1-4

5-0Q 3-2Q

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