USA finishes seventh at 2017 World Wheelchair Championship

of the 2017 World Wheelchair Championship in Gangneung, South Korea. Steve Emt (Andover, Conn.) and teammates


Kirk Black (San Antonio, Texas), Justin Marshall (Evansville, Wis.), Penny Greely (Green Bay, Wis.), and Jimmy Joseph (New Hartford, N.Y.) concluded the round robin with a 3-6 record at the Gangneung Curling Centre. “I’m feeling a little bit down, we all are,” Emt

said aſter the round robin concluded. “Obviously with the rankings and the three wins in the week, we wished we’d done a little bit better. We were one shot, two shots tops, from three or four of those losses going the other way, but we didn’t execute and we got beat by some quality teams. We knew coming out here it was going to be a dog fight, no matter what. It’s a learning process. We feel there’s winning and there’s learning. Ev- ery game we learn something from and keep on going to build on in future. We’ll get back here next year and hopefully do some damage.” Te 3-6 finish at this year’s world champi-

way the rocks spun leſt one of the Polo/Peterson stones in the four-foot to turn into a steal instead. A missed double takeout by Matt Hamilton in

the sixth end resulted in just a shot for one for his team as they extended the lead to 6-4. Polo made an end-saving thin double takeout to score two points in the seventh and tie the game. Neither of the first two stones of the eighth end

were as precise as either side had hoped as Polo’s draw was light and ended up as a guard, and Bec- ca Hamilton’s stone was heavy and slipped past the tee-line. Peterson was able to freeze her stone to the Hamilton rock but Matt Hamilton eventu- ally busted the rocks apart to open up the path to the four-foot. Polo was trying to draw the top of the four-foot with his team’s final stone but was heavy and it slipped to the back eight, leaving the scoring area open for Becca Hamilton to draw into for the win. “I knew I was going to have to throw to the

four-foot for the win. It felt good when it leſt my hand and I knew Matt could get it there, if need- ed,” Becca Hamilton said. Five teams earned direct berths to the 2018 U.S. Olympic Mixed Doubles Team Trials from

USA’s Kirk Black delivers during round robin ac- tion in South Korea while Penny Greely and Jim- my Joseph look on.

onship equates to seventh place for the U.S. to secure a berth for the U.S. at the 2019 World Wheelchair Championship. A world champi- onship is not played in the Paralympic year. In addition, the Americans are one of 12 countries qualified to compete in the upcoming Paralym- pic Winter Games. Norway went on a win streak to finish out the world championship with a gold-medal perfor-

this championship. More teams will be added via discretionary selection this November. “One of the main goals of this weekend was to

get into the Trials and then see if we could win this thing. We had some success last year, so hopefully we can improve on the second-place finish and go win it next year,” said Polo, who also competed at the World Men’s Champion- ship. Teams qualified so far to the 2018 U.S. Olym-

pic Mixed Doubles Team Trials: Joe Polo (Duluth, Minn.) and Tabitha Peterson

(Eagan, Minn.) Kroy Nernberger (Madison, Wis.) and Nina

Roth (McFarland, Wis.) Matt Hamilton and Becca Hamilton (both of

McFarland, Wis.) Alex Carlson (St. Paul, Minn.) and Derrick

McLean (Bothell, Wash.) Vicky Persinger (Fairbanks, Alaska) and Jared

Zezel (Hibbing, Minn.) Te 2018 USA Curling Mixed Doubles Na-

tional Championship will take place Jan. 17-21 at a location to be announced. No qualifying round will take place next season. Q

ith two losses to finish the round robin, Team USA was short on its goal of reaching the playoffs


Scotland China

Norway Canada Korea USA

Switzerland Germany Finland

2017 World Wheelchair Championship March 4-11, PyeongChang, South Korea Round robin standings: 8-1 6-3 6-3 5-4 5-4 4-5 3-6 3-6 3-6 2-7

Tiebreaker: Norway 5, Canada 4 Page 1-2 playoff: Russia 4, Scotland 2 Page 3-4 playoff: Norway 6, China 3 Semifinal: Norway 7, Scotland 3 Bronze-medal game: Scotland 9, China 5 Gold-medal game: Norway 8, Russia 3

Team USA round robin game scores: Korea 8, USA 4 Russia 7, USA 6 Canada 6, USA 4 USA 6, Finland 4 Germany 7, USA 2 USA 5, Scotland 4 USA 10, Switzerland 3 China 8, USA 5 Norway 6, USA 4

mance as they survived a tiebreaker and then were victorious in the Page playoff 3-4 game, semifinal and final. Q

2017 Mixed Doubles National Championship Round robin standings, Pool A:

Vicky Persinger/Jared Zezel Tabitha Peterson/Joe Polo

Alex Carlson/Derrick McLean Cory Christensen/John Shuster Cristin Clark/Matt Birklid Aileen Geving/Chris Plys

Pool B

Nina Roth/Kroy Nernberger Jamie Sinclair/Korey Dropkin Becca Hamilton/Matt Hamilton Maureen Stolt/Pete Stolt

Tyler George/Courtney George Monica Walker/Jason Smith

Tiebreakers, Round 1:

Carlson/McLean 12, Christensen/Shuster 4 Stolt/Stolt 6, George/George 4 Hamilton/Hamilton 10, Walker/Smith 9 Tiebreakers, Round 2:

Carlson/McLean 12, Clark/Birklid 4 Hamilton/Hamilton 8, Stolt/Stolt 2 Quarterfinals:

Carlson/McLean 7, Sinclair/Dropkin 5 Hamilton/Hamilton 9, Persinger/Zezel 3 Semifinals:

Peterson/Polo 7, McLean/Carlson 6 Hamilton/Hamilton 9, Roth/Nernberger 5 Final:

Hamilton/Hamilton 7, Peterson/Polo 6 USA Curling (( 15

3-1Q 3-2Q 2-3Q 2-3 2-3 2-3

4-1Q 4-1Q 2-3Q 2-3 2-3 1-4

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