CHAMPIONSHIPS Houston, Oklahoma take Arena Nationals titles By Terry L. Davis, Editor

Championships. For the first time, however, it was the Curling Club of Houston as Christopher Doremus led his Texas rink to a 5-3 victory over Pittsburgh on April 30 in the gold-medal final atl at Compton Family Ice Arena in Notre Dame, Ind. Doremus (Victoria, Texas) and teammates

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Billy Reynolds (Houston), Carl Schaeper (Hous- ton), and Matthew Kane (League City, Texas) join Oklahoma’s Nicole Merrifield’s rink as this year arena champions. Houston had to take down Mark Robinson’s

defending champions from Pittsburgh in order to reach the top. Robinson (Pittsburgh) and his squad of Brian Stuart and Leonard Jara- bek (teammates Nicholas Visnich and Alexan- der Visnich were unable to attend due to work commitments) never had a lead in the eight-end match. Houston pulled away in the fiſth end with a steal of two points that gave them a 5-1 lead with three ends to play. Pittsburgh put two points on the scoreboard in the seventh end but couldn’t set up a steal to win. In the bronze-medal game, Jeffery Knott’s

2015 champs from Dallas-Fort Worth Curling Club defeated P.N. Raju’s team from the San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club, 9-5. Knott (Lancaster, Texas) and his team of Nick My- ers (Arlington, Texas), Laith Sando (Burleson, Texas), Kevin Roberts (Frisco, Texas), and John Lambert (Garland, Texas) scored four points in the third end to put them in full control of the game. Raju (San Francisco) and his California teammates Cameron Kim (Stanford, Calif.), Tony Del Porto (Oakland, Calif.), and Jonathan Ochoco (San Francisco) tried in earnest to get back in the game and pulled within a point aſter scoring three in the fourth and stealing a point in the fiſth. Dallas-Fort Worth would not be held back, however, as the team scored two with ease in the sixth and stole a point in the seventh to sew up the bronze-medal win. Two nights earlier, Oklahoma’s Merrifield

rink was crowned champions of the women’s di- vision with a 9-5 win over Cincinnati. Merrifield and teammates Angela Strange

(Yukon, Okla.), Kristy Witzke (Oklahoma City, Okla.), and Jennifer Bates (Oklahoma City, Okla.) used a huge steal of five points in the sec- ond end to fuel the gold-medal win over Cincin-

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s a Men’s round robin standings, Pool A:

Wine Country (David Markowski) 4-0Q CC of Houston (Chris Doremus) Curl Troy 1 (Bruce Clingan) Palmetto (Matt Sharkey) St. Louis 1 (Steve McLeod) Pool B:

3-1Q 2-2 1-3 0-4

San Francisco Bay Area (P.N. Raju) 4-0Q Cincinnati (Jonathan Penney) Curl Troy 2 (Matthew Urbaniak) Lone Star (Buck Krawczyk) Long Island (Michael Greene) Pool C:

2-2Q 2-2 1-3 1-3

Dallas-Fort Worth (Jeffrey Knott) 4-0Q Pittsburgh (Mark Robinson) Cedar Rapids (Lon Peper)

3-1Q 2-2

South Bend Regional (Dean Palmer) 1-3 St. Louis 2 (T. Keefe Davis) Pool D:

Vikingland (Troy Dittberner) Windy City (Matt Galas) Circle City (Ernie Forney) Kansas City (Kevin King) Oklahoma (Jeremy Witzke)

Q=qualified to playoffs Tiebreaker games:

Windy City 9, Circle City 4 Cincinnati 9, Curl Troy II 0 Quarterfinal results:

Dallas-Fort Worth 10, Cincinnati 3 Curling Club of Houston 8, Vikingland 7 Pittsburgh 7, Wine Country 3 San Francisco Bay Area 8, Windy City 4 Semifinal results:

Houston 6, Dallas-Fort Worth 3 Pittsburgh 5, San Francisco 4 Bronze-medal game:

Dallas-Fort Worth 9, San Francisco 5 Gold-medal game:

Houston 5, Pittsburgh 3

nati’s Monique Penney rink. Penney (West Chester, Ohio) and teammates

Stephanie Simpson (Cincinnati, Ohio), Janet Clifford Brown (Mason, Ohio), and Deborah Coviello (Sharonville, Ohio) had an uphill battle aſter the steal, but scored five points over the next four ends to get back in the game. In the bronze-medal game, San Francisco Bay

Area’s Julie Stengle rink got past Pittsburgh’s Daphne Roberts, 8-4, to get on the podium. Te 2018 USA Curling Arena National Cham-

pionships will take place May 1-6, 2018, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Q


3-0Q 2-2Q 2-2 1-3 1-3

2017 Arena Nationals men’s



Houston: Christopher Doremus (l-r), Billy Reynolds, Carl Schaeper, and Matthew Kane.

2017 Arena Nationals women’s champions from Oklahoma: Nicole Merrifield (l-r), Angela Strange, Kristy Witzke, and Jennifer Bates.

Women’s round robin standings, Pool A:

San Francisco Bay Area (Julie Stengle) 4-0Q Cincinnati (Monique Penney) Palmetto (Sherri Odlevak)

Dallas-Fort Worth (Liana Knott) Windy City (Brooke Borowiak) Pool B:

Pittsburgh (Daphne Roberts) Traverse City (Jillian Riecke) Wine Country (Katie Feldman) Lone Star (Lauri Jones)

Cedar Rapids (Martha Marple) Pool C:

Oklahoma (Nicole Merrifield) Kansas City (Sarah Wruck) Circle City (Tammy Hoffman) St. Louis (Rebecca Walters)


Cincinnati 10, Kansas City 0 Pittsburgh 7, Traverse City 6 Semifinals:

Cincinnati 5, San Francisco 3 Oklahoma 9, Pittsburgh 4 Bronze-medal game:

San Francisco Bay Area 8, Pittsburgh 4 Gold-medal game:

Oklahoma 9, Cincinnati 5

3-1Q 1-3 1-3 1-3

4-0Q 3-1Q 2-2 1-3 0-4

3-0Q 2-1Q 1-2 0-3

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