Centerville repeats as USWCA National Bonspiel champions By Clare Bergquist, USWCA

darburg, Wis. Te MCC had held the event 20 years earlier at their previous facility, and bring- ing the bonspiel back to Milwaukee was special for the memberships since it was the home club of Bernie Roth, one of the USWCA’s founding members. Te first event winners were the Roessler rink


from the Centerville (Wis.) Curling Club, which also won the event last year in Fairbanks. Here are the full results: First Event winners–Centerville: Laura Roess-

ler, Sarah Hein, Elyse Sorenson, Toni Paisley First event runners-up–Green Bay: Karen Ronk, Ashley Lymann, Michelle Krupp, and

he Milwaukee Curling Club (MCC) hosted 32 teams at the 69th

Amy Moore. Second Event winners–Kettle Moraine: Mi-

USWCA National Bonspiel, Feb. 15-19 in Ce-

chele Heinze, Carey Nelson, Erin Gunderson, Megan Passo. Second Event runners up–Detroit: Dawn

Brauninger, Laura Call, Diana Jankowski, Deb Freelander. Tird Event winners–Mayfield: Dee Mont-

gomery, Tracy Moore, Dianne Coolidge, Liz No- vak.

Tird Event runners-up–Chicago: Michelle

Rittgers, Leslie Armstrong, Kelly Zahn, Julie Denten. Fourth Event winner–Belfast: Karen MacDon-

ald, Abbie Read, Ann Kirkpatrick, Jaye Martin. Fourth Event runners-up–Fairbanks: Karen

Spaleta, Martha Hanlon, Jeannette Smith, Cathy Shuttleworth.

Check out the USWCA Desert Jewels in December

By Leslie Cooke, USWCA

in Tempe, Ariz., on Nov. 29-Dec. 3. Tis event will consist of 24 teams competing


on four sheets of ice. Entrants must have reached 55 years of age before Jan. 1, 2018. A team enter- ing the bonspiel must be composed of four wom- en members of the USWCA in good standing and with regular curling privileges at a USWCA member club or facility. Tey must have curled in at least one league at their registered club. Entries may be sent in now and the total entry fee will be $360. Te total fee and complete team


iscover “Desert Jewels” at the 36th Senior Women’s National Bonspiel hosted by the Coyotes Curling Club

entry will be due on Sept. 7. Please address ques- tions to Leslie Cooke at osumamma@hotmail. com. An added bonus to this year’s invitation to the

USWCA Senior Women’s Bonspiel is the addi- tion of a new event – the “Super Senior Fun Day,” sponsored by the Coyotes Curling Club. Tis is not a USWCA National event, but ladies 65 years and older are invited to a day of friendship and fun to warm up their skills one day prior to the Senior Women’s Bonspiel. Event details, hotel information, and entry

forms for the Senior Bonspiel and “Super Senior Fun Day” can be found on the USWCA website,

USWCA National Bonspiel champions (l-r) Laura Roessler, Sara Hein, Elyse Sorenson, and Toni Paisley.

Te 70th Annual USWCA National Bonspiel

will be held Feb. 14-18 at the Triangle Curling Club in Durham, N.C. Q

Coyotes Curling Club hosts first Circuit event

By Elizabeth Demers, USWCA

sic will be held Oct. 5-8 in Tempe, Ariz. Tis is the first Circuit event held in the region. Histori- cally, the growth of arena clubs and the popular- ity of open curling in the West were supposed to have limited the ability of Western clubs to host specifically women’s bonspiels. Yet the booming popularity of the Circuit and of women’s bon- spiels generally has created a fantastic opportu- nity for Coyotes, which has had dedicated ice for several years, to expand the Circuit in a region historically underserved by women’s curling. Te USWCA Circuit allows women to win


points in individual bonspiels in various regions, culminating at the end of each curling season in cash and prizes. Sponsors include Taco Bell, Goldline, the USCA, and Steve’s Curling Sup- plies. Donna Purkey, a founding member of the club, is a past president of the USWCA. Registration for the event is now open at www.

22 ))

he Coyotes Curling Club is pleased to announce a new Circuit bonspiel in the West. Te Donna Purkey Clas-

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