Fargo-Moorhead women, Fairbanks men take Club Nationals titles

By Terry L. Davis, Editor

onships. Greg Persinger cashed in on an Alaskan gold


rush as he led his hometown team to the men’s title over Minnesota’s Mark Willmert rink, 6-1, at the Fairbanks Curling Club. Ann Podoll’s Fargo- Moorhead Curling Club rink got past Yelizaveta Furman’s team from the Ardsley Curling Club, 8-4, to secure the women’s national title. Tis is the first Club Nationals titles for both

represented winning clubs – Fargo-Moorhead and Fairbanks – and first for the Alaska region. Two other women’s titles were won by Dakota Territory clubs in the past (Capital Curling Club in 2015 and 2013). It was a conservative start to the men’s cham-

pionship final with Persinger and his Fairbanks Curling Club teammates Chad Persinger, Ja- son Ostnes, David Hufman, and James Brazeau (all of Fairbanks, Alaska) holding on until the fourth end to score the game’s first point. Aſter stealing a single in the next end, Alaska would hold Willmert (Minneapolis, Minn.) and his St. Paul Curling Club team of Chris Dolan (Crystal, Minn.), Tim Gartner (Eagan, Minn.), and Brian Agre (St. Paul, Minn.) to a single in the sixth. Te game broke open, however, in the latter ends as Alaska scored the game’s lone deuce in the sev- enth end and stole singles in the following two ends to put the game away. Podoll and her team of Madonna Fitzgerald,

Carmen Delaney, Carissa Tomas, and Rachel Workin (all of Fargo, N.D.) only lost one game all week in their journey to the top of the podium. Te Fargo group only trailed for one end of the gold-medal game when Furman (Mahwah, N.J.) and teammates Christi Freeman-Kirchner (Phil- adelphia), Alice Yeh (Tuckahoe, N.Y.), and Lynn Salmon (Ossining, N.Y.) stole a point in the fiſth end to go ahead 3-2. Te game turned in favor of Podoll’s rink in the sixth end, however, as they scored four points and never looked back. Both bronze medal matches went to the last

rocks as Alaska’s Lacy Simko and Dakota Ter- ritory’s Tucker Smith rinks secured some hard- ware. Adding to the medal haul for the home club, Simko and her team of Kaye Hufman, Adie Callahan, Catharine Persinger, and Terra Bowen

16 ))

2017 Club Nationals champions (l-r) Ann Podoll, Carissa Tomas, Madonna Fitzgerald, and Carmen Delaney.

(all of Fairbanks, Alaska) got past Minnesota’s Jamie Kraus rink, 9-8, aſter scoring a point in the 10th end. Tied 4-4 aſter four ends, Alaska scored two more points in the fiſth end and stole a point in the sixth to go up 7-4. Aſter the teams ex- changed singles, Kraus and her Duluth Curling Club team of Kerry Hadiaris (Duluth, Minn.), Zoe Meisinger (Duluth, Minn.), Amy Swanoski (Duluth, Minn.), and Mary Shields (Duluth, Minn.) tied the game aſter scoring three points in the ninth. Alaska, however, held on to score the winning point and their first Club Nationals women’s medal. Te men’s bronze game went into an extra

end with Smith and teammates Daniel Buresh, Curtis Bradbury, and Roger Smith (all of Bis- marck, N.D.) stealing the 7-5 win over Benj Guz- man’s team from the Broomstones Curling Club. Guzman (Lexington, Mass.) and teammates Andy McKellips (Acton, Mass.), Mike Sampson (Natick, Mass.), and Jim Fitzgerald (Southbor- ough, Mass.) gave up steals to begin and end the bronze-medal game. Aſter allowing Smith’s team to take singles in the first two ends, Guzman’s rink took the lead aſter scoring two and steal- ing one of their own. Te lead would go back and forth with Smith’s team tying the game with a single in the 10th end. A miss with the final stone of the game, however, would take Guzman’s team off the podium as the 2017 Club Nationals came to a close. Final results are posted at Te 2018 Club Nationals will take place Feb. 10-17 in Brainerd, Minn. Q

he Alaska men and Dakota Territory women are the champions of the 2017 USA Curling Club National Champi-

2017 Club National Championships March 3-11, Fairbanks, Alaska Round robin standings: Men

Massachusetts (Benj Guzman) Alaska (Greg Persinger)

North Dakota (Tucker Smith) Minnesota (Mark Willmert) Texas (Jeffrey Knott) Oregon (Doug Schaak)

Washington (Greg Schatzman) Ohio (Stu Cohen)

Wisconsin (Ron Parks) Illinois (Jeff Wright)


Minnesota 11, Massachusetts 7 Alaska 8, North Dakota 4 Bronze medal:

North Dakota 7, Massachusetts 5 Gold medal:

Alaska 6, Minnesota 1 Round robin standings: Women

North Dakota (Ann Podoll) New York (Telizaveta Furman) Alaska (Lacy Simko)

Minnesota I (Jamie Kraus)

Massachusetts (Krista Longnecker) Minnesota II (Mary Deuhs) California (Sarah Walsh) Michigan (Jill Garrity)

Arizona (Carol Ann Naso) Colorado (Kendal Andrews)

North Dakota 7, Minnesota I 4 New York 7, Alaska 5 Bronze medal:

Alaska 9, Minnesota I 8 Gold medal:

North Dakota 8, New York 4

8-1 7-2 6-3 6-3 6-3 5-4 3-6 2-7 2-7 0-9

Tiebreaker: Minnesota I 10, Massachuetts 6 Semifinals:

7-2 7-2 5-4 5-4 4-5 4-5 4-5 3-6 3-6 3-6

2017 Club Nationals




Brazeau, David Hufman, Jason Ostnes, Chad Persinger, and Greg Persinger.

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