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APIGroupannouncesacquisition of laminationfa

facilityintheUS ofHazenPap A az

PIGrouphas announcedthat ithas successfullycompletedthe acquisition aperCompany’sPaperboard

at qu ny’s

thedivestmentof itsOsgoodplant, the companywill concentrateonits core ographyaphyand

businessof customholog at

specialistpaper converting at itsother facilityinMassachusetts.


“The acquisition is part of our strategy to fofocus on brand enhancement solutions fofor the packaging market and it enables us to provide a combined fofoils and laminate offering to our global customers,” said Dino Kiriakopoulos, CEOof the API Group. “The addition of an established US lamination business with a pedigree in key sectors is verywelcome.We have a strong track record of innovation, technical excellence and continuous improvement andwe

ffe Meechcelebra

Laminatam ationfacilities andbusiness inOsgo Indiana,USA. Foundedin1925,HazenPaper Companyis apaper conv g

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nverter andfollowing sgo

good, look foforward to realising the synergies this

acquisition presents. Hazenwill continue to supply the APIOsgood sitewith its high quality silver and holographic lamination films.

“The business includes commercial and production assets of the Osgood-based

lamination facility, along with employees who wil l transfer to API immediately,”he added. John H azen, president of the Hazen Pape r Company, commented: “Fromour dealings with API, we know they will be a good custodian of our Osgood and fofolding carton and box wrap

fe H

business as they understand the industry and are ffo

orward to working in partnership with themon future projects.”


airhandlingunitit forwe M

ebrates successof itits first webcleaning


eech International is celebrating the worldwide sale of over 200 AHUv3

units, the company’s first in-house manufafactured air handling unit and a integral component to three of its we cleaning technologies, the CyClean, VacClean and ShearClean.

“With web cleaning being one of

Meech’s areas of expertise, we decided it was time to fofocus not just on the

technology of the cleaning heads of our systems, but also the technology behind

them,”explained AdamBattrick, sales director atMeech International. “As withmany of our innovations, this was a customer-driven initiative. Feedback indicated there was demand fofor a solution that guaranteed excellent filtration while also reducing the need for a result, we developed the AHUv3 fafamily.”

fo monitoring and operator intervention. As

There are threemodels of the AHUv3 available: a two-pump compact unit, a three-pump and a six- pump unit.While the AHUv3 shares similarities with previous air handling systems,Meech has no w replaced the analogue fefeatures of the V1 and V2 units with a graphic display and digital touchscreen that allow remote activation, improvedmonitoring and personalised settings.

“If you are running with the CyClean system, the AHUv3monitors and controls the vacuumand positive pressure,”added Battrick. “The required pressure can be adjusted to specification using the‘+’and‘-‘ buttons on themain screen. The‘Set’ target pressure value that appears on the screen will alter as the buttons are pressed, and the unit will self-f-adjust tomeet this requirement.” The air handling unit is also a highly intuitive system, reducing operatormaintenance and intervention.When the filter s start to fillwith contamination over an extended period of time, the system’s fafanswill automatically speed up to maintain the operator set perfoformance level of the cleaning system. A signal alarmwill alertwhen the filters eventually need to be cleaned or changed.


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ocused onmeeting customer needs.We will work closely with API to ensure continuity fofor our customers throughout the transition and look ffo

ERMAUS, the newly-forme d

subsidiary of theGermany-based provider of labellingmachinery and self-adhesive labels andmaterials, is set to open a showroomat itsNewJersey headquarters. The spacewill allowthe company to showcase its range of labellingmachinery for the

pharmaceutical industry, aswell as display other equipment fromits portfolio. The facilitywill also act as a pre-delivery testing site for recentl y purchasedmachines.

Among those available for demonstration in the new showroomwill be the HERMA 132M, a wrap-around, high-speed labelling machine featuring a rotating star wheel for precise product transport. The 132Mcan be outfitted with a wide range of printing and vision systems, and features automatic rejection of out-of-f-specification labels before they are applied to product.More than 100 already have been successfully incorporated on packaging lines around the world. Peter Goff,

ff, president o f HERMA US, said :

“The addition of a well-equipped demonstration and testing facility, addition to the significant alreadymade in the head

quarters and investment y, in

warehouse facilities, furthers HERMA’s commitment to the USmarket.We are already seeing success with our HERMA 400 label applicator. The new facility allows us to showcase the advanced range of fully automatic labellingmachinery produced by HERMA for the pharmaceutical industry and a variety of other sectors. ”


HERMAUS to open new

testing facility and showroom inNewJersey

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