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Time and cost savings aremade with the eradication of outsourcing or long an d expensivemake ready processes – including themanufafacture ofmoulds and dies – fofor the use of hot or cold conventional fofoiling methods in-house. The Scodix Foil Station (the Ultra Pro Digital Enhancement Press is seen below) is cost effective fo


Today, virtually all print applications have to work hard to stand out on the shelf – whether it is ‘real world’or online.What’s more, not only has the total number of printed jobs reduced, but the remaining number of printed pages/sheets per job has also diminished. PSPs, converters and brands are all undermore pressure than ever befofore to diffe


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demand, limited stock holding, product design flexibility, and perso nalisation – are so widely used now that they are no longer discriminating fafactors. However, digital enhancement is still in its early stages of adoption and allows fofor diffe Roy Porat, CEO of Scodix,


comments: “In erentiation.

10 to 20 years, digital finishing will be mainstreamand I guarantee that every

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to 5,000; it was previously restricted by the traditional fofoil blocking process .

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For Scodix customers impact is critical. Scodix Foil offers themost colour intensive metallic fofoils available, and preserves their impact by using Scodix proprietary polymers, rather than heat, to lay them down. This eradicates the colour ffe



ffects of heat and preserves rfaface coverage, so the fofoil’s lities are fully retained. This

increases not only the impact but the perceived value of a printed item.

In terms of the next developments at Scodix, the company confirmed it is in ongoing talkswith pressmanufafacturers, PSPs, converters and brands to understand their requirements. This supports the development of the Scodix product

ffects, substrate variation, application capabilities or presswidths. The company is constantly developing its technology, providing a range of effe

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to other finishing processes, providing further opportunities fofor customers to help fferentiate their offerings.

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Founded in 2007, Scodix is at the heart of the graphic arts industry, offe service providers and c to add value to their pr company’s digital enha

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Scodix SENSE solution offer the ability to make graphic communications printed product stand out fromthe rest.

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digital finishing or post-press capability. “Consumers love personalisation. Using Scodix digital

enhancement products, brands are now going beyond just digital print and are actively using digital finishing techniques, such as fofoils, to better influ sales and imp

rove the consumer ence consumer

experience.We find that once brands start to use digital finishing, they adopt it fo

formost of what they

produce, driving further demand fo our technology.”


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