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Jarshire will be highlighting and demonstrating handling equipment from various companies at this year’s PPMA To

Total Show.

The recently-introduced Dotec Roll Handler Quick Change Concept will be on show. This allows rolls, ranging from15 to 200kg, to be processed quickly ffering weights and diffe

and easily fromonemachine when diffe need to be processed.

fferent reel sizes

A systemof liftfting and turning of reels will also be shown, where visitors can see how easy the Dotec systemis to operate.

Jarshire’s range also includes theMoviroll Roll/Reel pusher fromRenov a (seen leftft). Demonstrations will show how easy it is tomanoeuvre both large and small cylindrical loads on a flat surfaface and then place themon the roll stand or shuttle cart. Tw

Twomodels are available, battery an Elsewhere, lightweight airshaftfts fromSvecomfafacilitate more reel weight, and it has greater gripping power and will cope with reused or worn cores.

Then,when damaged cores are a problem,waste can be reducedwith a Jarshire pneumatically-operated Reelsaver. Its tapered jaws are inserted into old or damaged three, six or eight-inch ID cores and expanded to return the core to its original shape and back into the production streamwithinminutes.


FriedheimInternational will display a range of equipment supplied by three of the

manufafacturers it represents in the UK & Ireland. Fromitswide range of film, shrink, sleeve and ormshoulderwrappingmachines, Beck Packautomatenwill be showing its new Serienpacker SXJ svs stand-alone packaging machine, an entry level solution fo

ffo for those entering

the ever-growing e-Commercemarket sector. In a separate demonstration, Schib Packaging will have on display a CO 130 INT horizontal flow wrappingmachine (seen b elow), which ca n handle amaximumproduct size of 1,500 x 400 x 150mmand operate at up t minute depending on prod

uct size and shape. o 40 items per

Themodel on display fromAudion Elektro will be the CSMatic 100 automatic filmwrapper – combined with a TE-Matic shrink tunnel. This works with a continuous side sealer and a longitudinal intermittent sealing system.


ValcoMelton is amanufacturer of adhesive dispensing equipment and quality assurance systems with 60+ years of experience. Fromcase and carton sealing, to sift-proof closures and pallet stabilisation, the company offers a range of

adhesive dispensing equipment, quality inspection systems and compatible spare parts. To

At this year’s PPMA Total Show, ValcoMelton will be exhibitingmany hotmelt and cold glue systems as well as quality inspection systems. One of the

featured products is the All-Electric EcoStitch hotmelt system. This offers a sustainable concept for hot melt dispensing by reducing adhesive usage , improving production line eficiency,

y, and eliminating

consumable parts and downtime. This eco-conscious valve can reduce adhesive usage up to 75 per cent for instant ROI with payback in as little as fofourmonths.

The EcoStitch was recently recognised for its key role in the carton section of the 2014 PMMI Packaging Line of the Year

r, adhesive pattern to hold the primary packs stationary inside the carton. ATLANTIC ZEISER TLANTIC ZEISER: STA TAND G34

is a simple and flexible database softftware solution fofor generating, importing,managing, distributing, printing and aggregating codes for all international regulations, and includes full capabilities fofor track and trace and pedigree applications, as required fofor the USA and other cou ntries . “Formany pharmaceutical companies, it is nowhigh time to address the topic of serialisation,”says Helmut Schneider,r, group productmanager packaging at Atlantic Zeiser. “Frominitial planning to implementation in pilot lines, serialisation proj ffo

Atlantic Zeiserwill present amodular softftware solution at the PPMATo fo

ojects can sometimes take 15 to 24months to realise. It is

crucial or pharmaceutical companies and packaging service providers to invest in a future-proof softftware solution that can be adapted and extended as necessary.”


Epson will demonstrate its ColorWorks series of desktop label printers that will be shown along with its hands-free LabelWorks labelling devices at the show. New features for the ColorWorks C7500 (left) are the addition ofWasatch RIP software. Featuring Epson’s PrecisionCore printhead, it ensures reliable results and its Nozzle Verification Te (NVT) and dot substitution helps preventmisprints and dead pixels. For the first time, the C7500 wil l with a rewinder/

be demonstrate d Technology

r/unwinder unit built by Italian company,,y Wide Range, and a new Bluhmlabel applicator will be shown. Meanwhile, the Epson ColorWorks C3500 inkjet printer brings on-demand versatility fofor companies wishing to print high-quality colour labels, tags and tickets. The desktop printer delivers print speeds up to 103mm/sec on a wide variety ofmedia in various formats and sizes.

as well asmachinery,

The Epson LabelWorks range features durable handheld industrial label printers suitable for labelling electrics, cabling, y, in factories, server rooms and construction sites. The LabelWorks printer was recognised fofor its

design when it was awarded the prestigious iF Design Award ea rlier this year. September 20 16 15 Total Show2016.MEDT DTRACKER r,, Big Heart Pet Brands. Following each carton erector, it puts down an

efficient insertion d pneumatic.

and withdrawal of the shaftft fromthe reels, thereby increasing production through quicker reel changes. The Svecomshaftft will centre cores and carry

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