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Polypropylene (CPP)FilmwithRobust Sealal Performance.Thisfilmfindswidespreaduse inaddressingdifferent typesofpackagingag ng needs andexhibiting superior sealing functionalities.

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The problemof poor run-ability of laminate on new generation state-of-the-art high speed Form- Fill-Seal (FFS)machines and p ersistent problems like seal opening at high speed, as well as poor seal through contamination and poor hermetic seals, led the engineers at Uflex to develop the Robust Seal Perfoformance CPP Film(seen in action, right). Apart fromthese factors the variable weather conditions often have an adverse effect on laminate performance, which the Robust Seal Perfoformance CPP Filmgreatly addresses. This filmowing to its good sealing properties increases the shelf life of the packed products fromsixmonths to about one year. Uflex launched the product in February this year after extensive research across one and a half years.

The following four traitsmake this filmstand out fromother variants of CPP and Polyethylene (PE) Films:

Low SIT (Seal Initiatio Ten Temperature): For the Robust Seal Performance CPP Film, the SIT is 95 degrees centigrade which allows using a high speed FFSmachine with excellent seal performance.

High and broad hot tack strength: Hot tack strength for the new filmis high ( up to

500gm/25mm) over a broad temperature range (100-1-145 degrees centigrade). Thismakes it possible to run the laminate on all kinds and generations of FFSmachines.

Good hermeticity: The filmdemonstrates

good seal through c ontamination paving way for fool-proof hermetic seal. This further ensures absence of any leakage – a fact that is easily established by bubble test of the laminate of which this filmis a part.

Good optics: Optical properties of the laminate (like haze and gloss) remain competent irrespective of the engineering that goes into manufacturing the Robust Seal Performance CPP Film. In fact they are better than the standard CPP and PE Films.

fo These features havemade this film’s

application quite universal in nature. The filmis available in variants such as plain,metallised and as white CPP.

P. Its applications include snacks and condiment packaging, and ‘Over theMountain’  w.

as the filmoffers good performance even at low atmospheric pressure. A two-layer laminate of this filmcan replace three layered traditional laminates to withstand nitrogen flushing. This again is an added advantage.

The Robust Seal Perfoformance CPP Filmoffers cost effective improvements in packaging speed, consistent performance on packaging equipment, durable package integrity and aesthetics. The filmis carefully engineered to address the diversified and challenging sealing needs of flexible packaging.

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