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The D-MAX Enhanced is Controller at this price.”

“Our D-MAX line of Web Guide Controllers product, known

product manager for compact design,” r its powerful

Fife Guiding Systems. “We rebuilt the D-MAX to offer advanced features and sheer power that was once unimaginable in

an OEM-friendly a Web Guide

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“Fife has a rich history in bringing

revolutionary web guiding products to the industry,

technology, power and reliability. y, y, starting with our first web guide in

1939,” adds Greg Jehlik, CEO ofMaxcess. “With the D-MAX Enhanced, we are taking another step forward in innovative web-guiding y.”

Updates to a flagshipwe guide controller


D-MAX, a controller praised in the industry, features like ‘dual rail’ power, single or dual drive options and ISaGRAF-based statemachine programmability. In addition, it offers power input reverse polarity protection, standard PTP-2 and PTP-1-1, Device Level Ring (DLR) connectivity, On Profile (AOP) for Rockwell Automation PACs, support for any language, a C-script programming language and backwa compatib

controller that builds on the power of the origin al y, with

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ility with existing D-MAX controllers. rd

New shaft enables faster production through core centering

Elsewhere,Maxcess has also unveiled the Tidland Cyclone high-speed centering shaft. Enabling faster production through its ability to centre and g p cores concentrically about the shaft, the Tidland Cyclone Series delivers impressive torque capability.

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“The Tidland Cyclone Series was designed fromthe ground up to deliver the features our s needmost: speed, reliability, ease o f mel y delivery,

y, y,” says KristenMcPherson,

global productmanager for Tidland. “This new high-speed centering shaft dramatically increases throughput byminimising roll lopin andmachine vibration.When the shaft runs smoother, it can runmuch faster and induce l wear and tear on themachine itself.f”

tominimise downtime both during the Tidland Cyclone Series is

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With its simple, proven single-circuit air system and bladders that can be replaced in less than fiveminutes , designed

roll changes and scheduledmaintenance. www. September 20 16 33

production through core centering

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