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improvedwithaninvestment inaprint inspectionsystemdevelopedusing the latest digital technology.

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Tectonic International, has foformore than 20 years provided web-based and converting industrie s around the globe with blue chip print inspection solutions foformore efficient printing processes. Always at the forefront of product development as technologymoves fo

With the development of its award-winning digital print inspection systems, UK-based Te

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company’s latest system, Panther, encapsulates key quality fefeatures whilst adapting to advanced


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futureproof technology. Influenced by‘what the printer wants,’ the Panther is amid-level to high- end print inspection systemthat incorporates th e latest digitalmegapixel progressive scan technology to provide an active inspection function that uses high resolution cameras to present images froma live run.

monitor, Te

Through a 22-inch widescreen TFT touchscreen Tectonic’s bespoke softftware has been

co fore, significant reduction in waste.

designed to give the operator instant reflex action ffo faor fast correction of fafaults and, therefo

Panther includes the latest GigE progressive area scan digital cameras, 10:1 lens and one- touch camera controls, as well as dual strobe assemblies, providing illumination and reliability. The strobes are enclosed within the camera case and positioned 10mm away fromthe web to eliminate the presenc e

Bothmanual and of ambient light.

include split-screen a motorised systems

features to further assist the press operator. When split-screen is selected the chosen image is ‘saved’and the

colourmonitoring fe


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storedmaster to live print A colourmonitoring tool with deviations calculated in a relative value, sends an error notification a alerting the operator to any

computer displays the exact replica of the stored image on the opposite side, fo .

the operator to correct colour quickly . Themotorised Panther systemincludes

enhanced fefeatures including constant scan, user- defined web width and programmable positioning, as well as enhanced colour monitoring of up to 12 colours. Constant scan allows the web to be viewed automatically; the operator determines howmany images are captured both along the web width and repeat length. User-defined web width allows a left

ft and

eorightmarker to be entered to define the web width for use with constant scan. This is particularly useful fofor narrow use.


Programmable positioning allows the operator to choose at randomin variable zoomsettings and hold inmemory specific areas of interest. This will then display each position consecutively, and can include colour checks.

Whilst these fefeatures describe the basic systems, each Panther is developed into a

bespoke inspection systembased on the printer’s needs. For example, Te

Tectonic has provisions fofor

back to front registration, reverse side viewing and UV inks and cold seal.

systems have been installed Brussels in September 2015,

www.t.tectonicinternat w.

Since its release at Labelexpo Europe in Panther Digital across the world.

See us in Hall 3 Stand B54

colour driftft, allowing nd sounds an alarm

for easy comparison,

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