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Film & Foil Forging ahead in films

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This year has been one of change for Innovia Films. After selling one portion of the business this year, the company is now focusing its attention on growing its BOPP films offering

looking ahead, it is refocusing its strategy on building and strengthening its speciality biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films business into its primary global core markets - high performance advanced polymer solutions for labels, packaging, tobacco and security films. Innovia employs 850 people worldwide and has production sites in Australia, Belgium and the UK. Joe Piccione, managing director,


Innovia Films, confirms: “We have always been a specialty films business which represents over 80 per cent of our sales. In addition to our bespoke bubble extrusion process, one of our core strengths is surface engineering. We are experts in tailoring films to our customers’ requirements, whether it is barrier, thickness, printability, shrink tightening or fast sealing films for optimised performance. “Moving forward, we are well

invested and will be looking closely at how we can build upon our manufacturing capabilities and in maximising our R&D and technical expertise. This will be done to continuously deliver new and exciting product solutions. Our primary focus is on strategically growing our BOPP business.”

24 September 2016

n April Innovia Films announced the sale of its cellulose films business; now

MEET MARKET REQUIREMENTS The quest to protect and extend product shelf life continues to be a major concern in packaging. Through research and the development of proprietary coating solutions, Innovia’s scientists have created a proven solution to a recent phenomenon – mineral oil migration. Propafilm RCU (clear) and RBCU (white) are the result of a proactive investigation into the mineral oil hydrocarbon (MOH) and mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbon (MOAH) barrier film protection. It included the evaluation of films with multiple laydowns, increased coat weights and one side/two side variations. This work commenced after

earlier studies by Dr Koni Grob, from the official Food Control Authority of the Canton of Zurich, Switzerland, identified that foods were being contaminated by migration of mineral oil from paper-board packaging. The oils migrate and are deposited on dried foods packaged in the box, such as pasta, rice, breakfast cereals and biscuits. Both Propafilm grades have been

proven to provide two years protection against mineral oil migration. Wayne Middleton, global leader of new product and market development, says: “Testing of these films is ongoing. The indications are that the protection timeline will increase to three years by the end of this year, which covers many dried

food shelf life expectations. “‘Openability’ is increasingly becoming a major purchase consideration for consumers, especially those with reduced dexterity. We have listened to consumers who often complain about the difficulty of getting into conventional packaging. We will shortly be launching another addition to our ‘easy open range’ Propafilm RCP, with no excessive force required, greatly reducing the potential for product spillage.” From a product packer point of

view, the seal strength is consistent every time and the film can be used on existing packaging machines without any adjustments required. The acrylic coating ensures a broad sealing range, which enables a wide packaging operating window and good machinability in all standard

COLLATION PACKS Another area of growth for Innovia is clear collation, where multiple products are bundled together for transit. Here it is essential that the outer film does not stick to the film wrapping the individual packs, so that it can be removed without damage. The Propafilm range includes RC, an acrylic coated film which does not seal to coextruded films, and NC or SNC, a shrink tightening version, which offer a low seal threshold, avoiding heat sealing to the inner packs. These materials can allow for lightweighting by replacing traditional carton outer packaging. Exceptional pack appearance is assured with high visibility of the unit packs inside.

ANTI-COUNTERFEIT LABELS Middleton adds: “Our recent collaboration with Rolling Optics, a Swedish high tech firm based in Stockholm, allows us to offer leading edge micro-optical 3D security label technologies for brand verification into a range of market sectors, including pharmaceutical and cosmetics. Both standard and customised security designs are available. The best thing is that these labels make it really easy for consumers to recognise and authenticate branded products, as no tools or readers are required. “Development is always ongoing,

we are close to revealing some interesting products that meet specific needs in the market place.” Innovia will be at FachPack in

Nuremberg, Germany, and Taropak in Poland in September.

Innovia Films’ BOPP ‘bubble’ process is another key area of the business

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