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For some of its newest product launches, Parkside has focused heavily on the easy-open and re- closability aspect of packets so the contents can be accessed without having to transfer the rest into another storage option.

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new sharing pack with a large opening in themiddle of a big bag. We’ve been working on creating an opening where users can share the product without contaminating the rest of the contents. For example with nuts, ensuring the stay fresh fofor a long pe

riod of time. contents

This hasn’t been done the way we are doing it. The patent is pending and all the tests were passed with flying colours.”

Also at themoment Parkside is testing its products with cut fruit, such as pineapple, with a new range of pots and special lidding films being launched soon.


“We have some of the latest laser technology which allows us to take a laminated flexible package, which often has several layers to it, and cut through just one or two of these layers fromboth sides to forman underlap or overlap, which allows access into any package. ““A

About amonth ago we announced an exciting new launch LASER TECHNOLOGY

One of Parkside’s key technologies is laser scribing to enable easy opening and easy peeling on a variety of packages. The company has spent three years developing its basic laser technology,

y, and as

with all new ventures there have been a few teething problems along the way.

y. Parkside is confident it has now reached a point where it

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is at the top of its game with regards to laser technology and can offer a point of different in the marketplace.

“Our competitors will certainly join the party soon,”McCormick continues. “However we are already looking ahead at the next technology and are currently exploring ways of working with other substrates which will help us to continue to grow.”

For on-the-go food snacks,

Parkside has its range of portable packaging solutions (seen below), such as the Parkscribe sandwich wrap. Variations include a spiral wrap and a simple half-way split pack that holds the bottomhalf of a panini or sausage roll, fofor example. The company has just completed a development into ovenable foods so packages can be heated and still used in the same way.


COMPOS ABLEMATERIALS Sustainability is another hugely important aspect of the packaging industry.

COMPOSTABLE MATERIALS y. Recently Parkside started

working with compostable materials to formopening and closing functions on packs that can disintegrate with the 26-week limit for compostable products – this is twice as quick as a banana skin and four times as quick as a

butternut squash skin.McCormick says that the rules around this are quite challenging, which is why there are notmany offerings of this kind currently on themarket. Amongst its product

developments, the company continues to build its strong technical innovation skills and technology portfolio; at the end of last year it opened a New Product Development Suite and laboratory facility at itsWest Yorkshire

headquarters. The investment in this research and development facility brings a digital press to allow for prototyping as well as pack testing and digital printing for

customers. A number of key brands have already visited the site. Regarding the company itself and possible future plans,

McCormick adds: “We have been working on several new food packaging projects and will be launching new packaging solutions in new segments as a result, which sets us up for a positive end to 2016. Alongside these new pack launches, we continue to develop new business opportunities for existing products in newmarkets.”



September 2016

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