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Software & Controls

Delivering enhanced production possibilities X

eikon has unveiled X-800 5.0 soſtware designed to support faster, more effective production. The latest X-800

version improves the company’s ability to combine superior and consistent print with industry-leading productivity. It allows more jobs to be processed faster with

minimal human intervention, which improves accuracy, ensures repeatability and reduces errors, resulting in better productivity. Jeroen Van Bauwel, Xeikon’s director product

management, says: “We work closely with our customers and this latest version has been developed after listening to their needs. They want peace of mind that results from assured accuracy, consistency and greater productivity. “We have created the X-800 5.0 with our four

cornerstones of development in mind – improvements in colour quality, moving closer to green button printing, helping facilitate management and integration with the customer’s environment. We always look to provide additional ways to positively impact these areas.” One key new feature is the ColorForecast tool

that allows custom or brand colours to be reproduced correctly time after time no matter what the final substrate is. “Everyone wants to meet the set expectations by

producing the correct colour,” continues Van Bauwel. “With ColorForecast, this can be achieved in the prepress. It predicts if the file will print to the desired results. It can test and verify if the colour will match output. This reduces set up times and waste.”

COLOUR CONFIDENCE Without printing anything, Xeikon customers can be sure colour will match. The X-800 predicts the output without having to waste time. Customers want to be able to print on different substrates with confidence in the colour reproduction. Another feature, enabled by re-designing the calibration process, ensures Xeikon presses get

up to quality faster, improving machine throughput and efficiency. It also provides immediate operator feedback on the engine’s status providing perfect quality output. Van Bauwel adds: “We are very good in having stable output but with this new, incremental, calibration we can create the curve faster and more accurately. As a result, Xeikon presses can get up to quality faster improving machine throughput and efficiency.”

Real-time process and quality control for packaging

real-time colour and print quality process control and reporting to help packaging printers and converters better manage the complexities of CMYK, extended gamut, and spot colour workflows, regardless of the printing process, substrate, or industry standard. For brand owners, ColorCert provides an overview of supply chain performance to ensure


-Rite and its subsidiary Pantone have released the latest version of ColorCert Suite 2.7. The ColorCert Suite of software products provides

accurate and consistent colour across regional or global partners. New in ColorCert 2.7 are a number of connectivity features that make the communication of colour specifications and performance metrics easier and more streamlined than ever. “Today’s packaging workflows are complex, often involving multiple brand

owners, design agencies, premedia, plating and ink companies,” says Adrián Fernández, vice president, PantoneLIVE, X-Rite Pantone. “This can make managing accurate colour and print consistency a challenge. ColorCert simplifies colour communication across all internal and external stakeholders. From prepress and the ink room to production process control, it helps organisations manage precise colour and print specifications, uniting traditional silos of information into one common workflow.” The ColorCert Suite consists of three modules specifically designed to

help various members of the packaging workflow manage specifications and monitor quality control from the artwork to premedia to the ink room to the press room. The modules include: ColorCert Desktop Tools enable the accurate creation of colour

specifications and process controls at multiple points throughout the packaging workflow; ColorCert ScoreCard Server is an easy-to-use dashboard for the monitoring of print quality; and ColorCert Repository Server is a secure, online asset management solution for storing, managing and deploying packaging colour assets so the workflow is optimised. ColorCert Suite 2.7 includes new benefits that make print and packaging

operations more eficient. These include improved flexibility in the measurement and scoring for substrates, as well as improved guidance in helping operators better adjust ink density or strength to reach target colours faster. New connectivity to X-Rite InkFormulation Software makes for better communication between the press room and the ink room.

32 November 2016

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