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Adhesive Technology

Aerated adhesive speeds up processing E

fficient processing is especially important for high-volume applications like laminating. The

Aeration system from Henkel significantly speeds up laminating processes in the paper industry while also improving efficiency. World demand for corrugated boxes is expected

to increase by 3.7 per cent per year through 2019, reaching nearly 260 billion square meters of product by then. In developed countries, box demand tends to follow overall economic growth and industrial production development. As a result, these markets will continue on a path of slow growth. In

developing economies, especially those in Asia and the Africa/Mideast region, growth will be more robust: Manufacturers in these regions are using more corrugated boxes for product packaging and transportation, as boxes are partially replacing wood crates previously used for these purposes. For a resource optimised production of

corrugated board, Henkel introduced the next generation Adhesive Aeration technology (left). This system incorporates the water-based Aquence laminating adhesive and a third generation glue-mix unit that adds controlled quantities of air to the gluing process. The application increases the volume of the adhesive. Significantly less is needed for the same laminating area, resulting in greater efficiency and value as well as a considerable moisture reduction in the corrugated board. This allows for faster processing and for a quicker production of the final product. Another benefit is that less storage space is needed in this process, leading to optimised cost-in-use performance. Further, the aerated adhesive is better able to

compensate for unevenness across the substrate surface. This improves the initial bond strength and minimises areas with insufficient adhesion. The Aeration system is easy to use, offers

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greater flexibility in production processes, reduces downtimes for cleaning of laminating lines, and allows in-line production. Modern adhesive application units normally use counter-

rotating roller systems that apply the adhesive directly to different substrates, such as open or closed flute corrugated board as well as solid board. Printed sheet material is laminated to the substrate in this work step. In conclusion, the Aeration system pays off in a

wide range of fields – and it is the solution when it comes to sustainability targets, while increasing efficiency in the production process. Henkel operates worldwide with leading

brands and technologies in three business units: Laundry and home care, beauty care and adhesive technologies. Founded in 1876, Henkel is one of the global leaders in the consumer and industrial businesses, with well-known brands such as Persil, Schwarzkopf and Loctite. Henkel employs about 50,000 people; the company reported sales of €18.1 billion euros and adjusted operating profit of €2.9 billion euros in fiscal 2015. 

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