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Coating & Laminating FlexPack demo line exceeds expectations

DOUBLECOAT TECHNOLOGY DoubleCoat plays a significant role in the new FlexPack line and extensive test runs have shown that previous restrictions with respect to layer thickness have been overcome. Above all, DoubleCoat technology offers major advantages with regard to monolithic, breathable coatings, furnishing excellent bondage between TPU/TPE and PP nonwovens and thus avoiding the need for expensive PET nonwovens. Membrane pinholes caused by the nonwoven are also prevented and this permits the downgauging of functional membranes to less than 7g/m².


ML listens to its customers and their challenges and pushes technology to the next level. In this

spirit, the company has engineered the FlexPack extrusion coating and laminating concept, which forms the basis for a new demonstration line that has been in operation at the company’s premises in Austria since April this year. SML’s expectations were high with regard

to the new line, but even these were quickly surpassed. Customer interest has also been considerable, which has resulted in the line being in virtually constant use for trial runs and the joint development of new products. Moreover, the flexibility of the FlexPack concept has been frequently confirmed by positive client feedback.

EXPERTS IN EXTRUSION TECHNOLOGY The technology is based on decades of experience in the extrusion field, which in tandem with the extensive knowledge of the SML team provides a formula for exciting product developments and improvements. This expertise is reflected by the demo line’s ability to handle a wide range of raw materials such as PP, LDPE, EVA, and EAA. In addition, a separate screw is available for TPUs that induces low shear. FlexPack is also capable of operating with

a diversity of coating processes. Extrusion coating and lamination in combination with a water-based primer as well as lamination with hotmelt are all possible, not to mention SML’s new DoubleCoat process, which incorporates hotmelt and extrusion coating.

PRODUCT DIVERSITY On the bottom line, these advances add up to a wealth of product possibilities that include flexible packaging based on paper, film and aluminium foil substrates, as well as technical applications. In addition, the DoubleCoat and FlexPack

combination is not only suited to the manufacture of soft touch hygiene products, such as breathable film for femcare articles, but also hospital clothing with very high breathability and protection against bacteria and viruses. Furthermore, properties that include low

weight, elasticity, water-tightness and breathability offer an opportunity to move outdoor textiles into a new dimension and create fresh applications. SML is welcoming new and existing

customers to get in touch about testing new ideas and products on its FlexPack demonstration line.

Continuing coating innovation W

ith a reputation for technical innovation stretching back over 40

years, Delpro continues the tradition of supplying converting, packaging and printing companies with custom-designed machinery by the development and manufacture of a coating head that will allow five coating processes to be carried out in the one unit. Designed for a European security

company as part of a large coating and laminating machine, the head, in conjunction with four trolley systems, provides the facility of coating by direct gravure, reverse gravure, offset gravure, mayer rod and air knife processes. This versatility enables a wide range of coatings and coat-weights to be applied,

from low coat-weight lacquers to high coat-weight adhesives, all from the same coating head. Also incorporated within the coating head is Delpro’s precision gap setting mechanism with back-lash free, pre-loaded ball screws enabling adjustments to be made under full load. Further flexibility is offered by a trolley

designed for direct and offset gravure coating, fitted with a Delpro carbon fibre chambered doctor blade, and a second for reverse gravure, fitted with an oscillating adjustable trailing doctor blade. Installation of the new machine is

planned for early 2017 following full assembly and testing at Delpro’s workshop facility in Glossop, Derbyshire, UK.


November 2016

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