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ntCover Story Processing at th e speed of ligh MLT ML Serving the paper, speed of light

LT is a specialised systemmanufacturer for tailor-made lasermaterial processing systems. r, packaging, food and automotive supplier industries, itsmachines focus

on industrial applications and operations, like perforation, scribing, scoring andmarking

markets and commercial frame conditions. Investments are usuallywell deliberated – but it is essential to providemore than just software and hardwarematching solutions for particular applications, according to Micro Laser Te


The usage of laser technologies in a wide range ofmarkets is currently a big state of affairs, frommedical technologies, the

wave principally cannot ge the laser light itself and tha


automotive industry and home entertainment – lasers are used everywhere. In the converting and paper processing industry usually high power CO2 laser sources are used. As a laser is a non-contact tool it offers several advantages, such asmechanical solutions or generally enabling new applications and implementation of new ideas that no one ever thought of.f The two essential beneficial factors are the speed o f t a directed light t blunt.

For the converting indu try, s y, several applications are currently in use and are

permanently being developed, and adaption to themarket requires newmaterials.

A classical application is the laser perforation on flexiblematerials for applications likemodified atmosphere packaging, where a deliberated gas exchange between the inner package and the outer environment is controlled by the hole sizes and amount per package. Also, aeration by little holes for frozen food packaging is common for a faster and tighter packaging.MLT offers solutions for a wide range ofmaterial widths andmaterial sorts, with several software functions to control all necessary processing parameters.MLT’s developed connection cards are the final backbone of the system; they connect the

LT LT 10 November 2016

ostmodern production

environments are highly influenced by customer requests, trends of the

software world with the systemand laser-source world in real-time. This control card is essential, as the holes need to be not only perfect in shape and size but also on the correct positions related to the printing on thematerials.

Tech fromKirchheiminMunich.

Tomake this perforation package complete,MLT developed an image processing systemthat is capable of controlling and documenting the perfoforation process. For several customer groups a realised and automatically well-documented quality control ismore often favoured. The camera systemis well synchronised with the winding speed and captures the holes even at higher running speeds. TheMLT



the quality parameters is openly designed and can be reached inside the customer network. Another application is the scribing process where the laser weakens thematerial in a well- defined depth, either just straight inmachin e direction or in various contours. The first case used for easy opening applications, ouches and othermuchmore complex fromchocolate packaging to special ns inmodern PLAmaterials. The

applicatio packages such as p might be

scribing depth can be easily defined byMLT software and laser settings, and finally varies fromcutting through defined layers in composite films or only touch somemicrometres in single componentmaterials like OPP.


The laser cutting applications start where the scribing process goes 100 per cent through the material. It is used for applications like windows in papers, films and banknotes, often before printing. Also, cardboardmanufacturers will profit fromthe high flexibility of the cutting systems. When asked about developing versatile systems and solutions,MLT

LT is convinced tha t

only a well-balanced package is the sustainable andmost eficient way forw scalable and easily upgrada one hand and service soluti

ons on the other. The ble systems on the ard, featuring

laser systems, the software and the consulting in all project phases, and all service offers, need to be well balanced to offer future-proof investment. Based inMunich, Germa y,ny,MLT

LT was founded in 2000. To Today the business has subsidiaries in

many countries across the world. The company is constantly involved in product development in order to provide the best p ossible solutions fo r laser processing.MLT


Mumbai, India in December and at the ICE Converting Show inMarch next year.

www. LT is exhibiting at PackTech in

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