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5 News The latest from across the industry

12 Web Cleaning & Static

Control Exclusive interviewwith Meech about its presence at the K Show

14 Static control is like a drunk party guest - how do you get rid of it?

26 Nonwovens Setting new standards for voluminous nonwovens Plus:Valco Melton discusses its nonwovens production expertise

28 Soſtware & Controls Demand for colour labelling soſtware is increasing, says Loſtware

25 Adhesive Technology Aeration system from Henkel speeds up laminating processes


he protection of a printed product is crucial to ensuring

the quality of the colour, the finish and perhaps any text that is used; therefore when it comes to coating and/or laminating it’s important to get it spot on using the right machinery and the right processes depending on the application. This month’s extensive Coating & Laminating feature reflects the in-depth work of the companies that make up this huge market. Specialist lamination is more relevant than ever, especially to create a luxurious feel for high-end packaging, while certain coating techniques can also simply increase manufacturing performance when it comes to things like splicing, sealing, over-printing and handling. Serialisation is another key theme in this issue, not just the production of clearer barcodes and tags, but the software solutions that protect products throughout the supply chain to ensure easy tracing and identification, even within just one enterprise. As more goods are ordered and shipped across the world in the lead-up to Christmas, consumers are expecting safe and speedy delivery, putting pressure on the technology responsible for this along the way.

17 Coating & Laminating Exclusive interview: 3C! Packaging talks about coding applications

Jack Cheeseman Editor

33 Security The importance of serialisation to stop counterfeit products spreading Twitter: @convertermag

Cover Story NOVEMBER 2016 !"#"$%&' 10

MLT is a specialised manufacturer of tailor- made laser material processing systems.

18 SML’s FlexPack extrusion coating and laminating demo line Plus: Delpro’s five-in-one unit

20 Celloglas says the benefits of lamination keep it as popular and useful as ever before

34 Security packaging and labelling from Essentra


 Exclusive interview with Meech on static control  Coating system for packaging coding applications  Software solutions to ensure colour consistency

 Anti-counterfeit packaging  Nonwovens hot melt technology  Digital Print for Packaging 2016

The company has developed an image processing system that is capable of controlling and documenting the perforation process. The camera system is well synchronised to work at higher speeds.

Find out about the future of

digital printing at Digital Print for Packaging Europe December 5 - 7, 2016 Berlin, Germany

22 Trends in flexible packaging coating and laminating

- Future opportunities in digital printing, the latest technological developments and new substrates, plus digital print case studies. - New sessions on corrugated printing and direct to shape printing. - Network with some of the industry’s biggest players. - Converter readers get discounted tickets. More info - page 9.

November 2016 3


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