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Web Cleaning & Static Control Specialising in performance for tomorrow

For more than 60 years,Eltexhas been focusing on targeting electrostatic energy to optimise production processes and remove it where it is unnecessary

industry – with focus placed on the converting and laminating area and in the printing, packaging and finishing production environments – is broadly diversified. Here, electrostatic systems from Eltex enable higher production speeds, more efficient work, significantly increased quality, reduced energy consumption, fewer faults and minimised downtimes and spoilage. The electrostatic solutions


developed for this purpose are based on the company’s highly complex technological expertise gained from decades of experience. Eltex’s own development and engineering teams continuously set critical standards for trendsetting innovations. At K 2016, the company was

showing the way to efficiency and increased performance. With the slogan ‘Experienced at innovation – performance for tomorrow’, Eltex presented at K 2016 electrostatic systems for process optimisation and intelligent CANopen control modules, including: The world debut of the new Eltex

R60 discharge bar (below) with a freestanding air-supported spring tip for higher ranges at the lowest possible level of high voltage. Also the new Connected Control

for SDS Smart Discharging System; this fully integrated 24 V discharge technology for mid-size distance and speed areas now comes equipped for the first time with the new Connected Control system for intelligent monitoring control.

he application spectrum throughout the plastics

WORLD DEBUT OF THE R60 DISCHARGING BAR The Eltex R50 discharging bar has been in operation with excellent results for many years. The discharging bar has proven itself due to its impressive qualities such as high discharge performance, easy cleaning and contact safety. The next generation R60 (below middle) with resistor technology is the first of its kind and offers increased performance and added flexibility. The newly patented AC discharging bar with a freestanding air- supported spring tip achieves a very high passive discharge effect, which enables active operation even at a low level of high voltage AC. A small amount of air can optionally be blown through the hollow spring tip to increase the range and to continuously clean the emission tips. The bar’s aluminium profile is

equipped with a highly insulating, mechanically robust layer that, in combination with the freestanding spring tip, causes a significant increase in ion production. The new R60 Eltex bar features discharging results at low and maximum speeds. The special feature here is that the discharge performance remains constant from short distances up to large ranges. It is this wide-ranging performance that characterises the R60 as one of the only discharging bars in the world that can be used in different geometric situations – even in narrow, grounded machine environments. Advantages include: flexible,

freestanding emission tips with new resistor technology; integrated air duct with R60L; wear-protected emission tips; and discharge performance at close and wide range.

ALL IN ONE: THE NEW ELTEX SMART DISCHARGING SYSTEM Under the slogan “All in one”, Eltex has set new benchmarks for 24 V discharge technology. Components such as power supply, output stages and module technology are integrated in the electrode profile of the new Smart Discharging System SDS. This system’s communication with machines and its operation via mobile end devices is particularly smart. The SDS is ideal for discharging in the middle distance and speed range for applications in automation technology and in the plastics and packaging industry. Owing to its compact design and

intelligent functions, the new Smart Discharging System SDS is adaptable and easily integrated into virtually every application environment. It is easy to assemble and cleaning is uncomplicated. The system, also designed for being integrated into quality management, is operated via a central control module.

RX3 DISCHARGING BAR In all situations where large or changing distances have to be bridged and very high electrostatic

charges have to be dissipated, the IONSTAR RX3 discharge bar (above) will be applied. The intelligent sensors of the IONSTAR RX3 continuously monitor the distance and the charge level of the object to be discharged and automatically adapt the power output to the actual conditions. The system provides excellent options for discharging, especially on winding stations. The powerful high voltage

generator is integrated in the bar and is capable to neutralise even high charges in almost no time. Output voltages of up to 2 x 40 kV provide unprecedented discharge distances, without the need for additional air assistance. This technology ensures the entire

process of winding paper and film webs are free of electrostatic charges. Despite the power, Eltex has made the IONSTAR RX3 absolutely shockless. Low-wearing emission tips, robust and an easy-to-clean design ensure that only a minimum of maintenance is needed. An aluminium profile on the rear with sliding nuts makes for easy assembly, even in difficult installation situations. The IONSTAR RX3 optimises your

production process – whether it is winding or unwinding film webs, in the reel slitter, for bag machines, or many other demanding applications.

16 November 2016

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