Advertorials Ideal Power expands to harmonise power and

performance Ideal Power is pleased to unveil their new range of AC/DC PSU’s and DC/DC Converters, with thanks to their latest partnership with Global innovator of power products, P-Duke Power.

The new collaboration has resulted in the addition of over 2,500 products to Ideal Power’s already extensive product portfolio. The new range is available as Standard or Customised and Application Specific, serving such industries as Medical, Telecom/Datacom, Rail, Industrial, ITE and Semiconductor.

P-Duke’s standard AC/DC range from Ideal Power boasts wide range input voltages in 1~150 Watt output options. They offer a range of Output Voltages and High Isolation Voltages of up to 4,000VAC.

The 1~255W DC/DC range are available in a diverse range of electrical and mechanical options, to perfectly suit application type and harmonise with your end product to produce optimum performance.

For further information, contact Ideal Power on +44 (0) 845 260 3400 or via email or visit the Ideal Power website at

New EA uniTFT050 Display with camera input

MMS Electronics has available the new EA uniTFT050 intelligent display. The display uses the new UNISKETCH software with drag and drop function and object programming. Objects can be placed, moved, rotated and deleted at any time. Font sets are stored directly in the display including Chinese characters. Elegant effects such as fading in and out and flying in are integrated. Images can be embedded and MP3 sound files played from the micro SD card. 7 Interfaces to the outside world. USB, 2 x SPI, 2 x RS-232 and 2 x I²C, these can be declared as master. 4 analogue inputs, 1 x PWM output and 16 digital I/O to take on a wide range of control tasks. An analogue video input for a 3.3V camera (PAL, SeCAM or NTSC format) is included. To discover all features of this new display download augmented reality uniTFT AR App for Android or iOS.

MMS Electronics Ltd Tel: 01943 877668

OKW’s New EVOTEC designer table-top instrument

enclosures OKW’s new EVOTEC enclosures are available in three versions

OKW has launched its new EVOTEC designer table-top plastic enclosures for tough working environments.

Applications include measurement and control engineering, IT, medical, laboratory and environmental technology. EVOTEC can also be wall mounted for access control.

These smart new enclosures feature elegant and ergonomic soft contours but are built to be robust. They are moulded from ASA+PC-FR (UL 94 V- 0) for enhanced UV stability and can be specified with a sealing kit for IP 65 protection.

There are three variants: Version I has a flat top with a large operating area for switches, push buttons and touch displays. Version II features a smooth sloping top for desktop applications. Version III also has a sloping top but is recessed to accommodate a membrane keypad or product label.

All three versions have PCB screw pillars in the top and base. Rubber feet ensure stable positioning on flat surfaces. Torx assembly screws prevent tampering – perfect for medical applications.

EVOTEC is available in one size (200 x 124 mm) and in one standard colour: off white (RAL 9002). Prices start at £17.

Accessories include an IP 65 seal, wall mounting kit and self-tapping screws for fitting PCBs.

OKW can customise EVOTEC on request. Services include: custom colours, EMC shielding; CNC machining; lacquering; water transfer, tampo or digital printing of logos and legends; installation and assembly of accessories; display windows; plastic and aluminium panels.

For more information, visit the website: and download or request the new OKW catalogue

• High speed voltage tracking characteristics

High speed voltage tracking characteristic in CR mode is perfect for applications such as startup tests for power supplies.

• Communication interfaces are included as standard LAN (LXI) / USB / RS232C as standard interface. Use a browser from a PC, smartphone, or tablet to access the web server built into the PLZ-5W series for convenient control and monitoring. *GPIB Option

• Arbitrary I-V characteristics (ARB) mode In ARB mode arbitrary I-V characteristics can be set by entering multiple I-V points (voltage and current value set points). From 3 to 100 points can be registered and the space between two points is automatically linearly interpolated.

This mode can be used for simulation of LED loads and other DUT's with non- linear characteristics.

Equipped with a high-speed response feature boasting a maximum slew rate of 60 A/ s (PLZ1205W) and a minimum setting resolution of 10 A (PLZ205W). Additional features of the PLZ-5W series include: Soft-start function, variable slew rate, selectable response (CV/CR mode), switching function, ABC preset memory, 20 user-defined set-up configurations, and a sequence operation function. The advanced high-speed response makes the PLZ-5W ideal for the development and testing of today's modern power supplies that require variable high-speed current changes. This advantage extends to the testing of current clamps/transducers.

The PLZ-5W Series is available in 4 standard models which can be incrementally extended by adding additional booster units (PLZ2405W) to achieve a maximum of 10.8 kW / 2160 A DC electronic load.

The following communication interfaces are installed as standard: LAN (LXI compliant), USB, RS232C and analogue control. An optional GPIB interface is available.

Kikusui’s range of DC loads are available for both sale and hire from Wokingham based Telonic Instruments Limited.

Product Details.

DC Electronic Loads- Go High Performance New range of High Performance/ High Speed DC Electronic loads from Kikusui

The PLZ-5W Series high performance electronic load is the successor to the highly respected PLZ-4W series, whilst still retaining the same high specification and build quality. Advances include a high visibility colour display, low voltage operation from a minimum of 1 V to a maximum of 150 V (Lower Input voltage possible at reduced current). Programmable profiles of

voltage/current can be applied (using

the new ARB function, as used in LED/solar testing) in addition to the inherited 6 modes of operation: Constant Current, Constant Resistance, Constant Voltage, Constant Power, Constant Current + Constant Voltage, Constant Resistance + Constant Voltage.

• Colour liquid crystal display (LCD) High visibility colour display. The voltage, current, power, current capacity (Ah) and power capacity (Wh) values are conveniently displayed.

• Maximum Slew Rate of 60 A/µs Achieving a rise time of 4 µS to reach the rated current of the electronic load. Power supply evaluation demands a fast transient response which the PLZ-5W series achieves with ease.

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