Offshore Electronics introduces NPI service to help electronic device manufacturers engineer cost out

Advanced Interconnections adds 3.4mm stack height Mezza-pede®

Advanced Interconnections’ newest Mezza-pede®

SMT Connector, low

profile model DHAL, reduces board stack height by 15%. When paired with the mating socket, a z-axis stack height of 0.132 in. (3.4mm) is achievable – providing a reduction in package height and a shorter signal path in datacom and networking applications.

Advanced Interconnections Corporation USA Tel: 1 (401) 823-5200 Email:

Ultra-Bright 15” TFT LCD Colour Display Ideal for Industrial Applications

Available from RDS is the NL10276AC30-52C colour TFT LCD module from Tianma/NLT. This high quality 15-inch display features an ultra-bright 1600cd/m2 display, XGA resolution (1024 x 768) and a built-in LED driver. The wide viewing angles (160°v/160°h) along with wide operating temperatures (-30 to + 60ºC) and an LVDS interface make this panel ideal for

industrial, marine and outdoor applications.

Find out more call 01959 563345

congatec introduces new Thin Mini-ITX and Pico-ITX boards with Intel’s next generation of low-power processors (codename Apollo Lake)

30% more processing power and 45% more graphics performance in 100% industrial-grade congatec quality

congatec – a leading technology company for embedded computer modules, single board computers and embedded design and manufacturing services – presents the new conga-PA5 Pico-ITX single board computer (SBC) and the conga-IA5 Thin Mini-ITX motherboard, two industrial-grade, long-term available computing platforms featuring the latest Intel®

Atom™, Celeron®

processors (Codename Apollo Lake). System engineers can immediately deploy them to upgrade existing Pico-ITX and Mini-

SMT Connector

and performance in Offshore Electronics, the outsourced contract electronics manufacturing company, has launched a new prototyping service, designed to help OEMs and manufacturers of electronic products drive down production costs, improve quality and reduce time to market.

In particular, the New Product Introduction (NPI) service will make it easier for electronic design engineers to enhance the packaging, performance and reliability of PCBs, electronics and electromechanical assemblies, by considering the

requirements and limitations of production systems at the earliest possible stage of development.

Dan Attewell, Sales Engineering Manager at Offshore Electronics, explains that, “We are often presented with layouts for printed circuit boards that are over-engineered, expensive and complex to produce, simply because the designer has not fully considered the implications of the design on the production process. A typical oversight, for example, is to place most components on one side of a board, with just a few on the reverse. This makes it more costly to manufacture than a board with all components on a single side. Although this can sometimes be rectified with a minor redesign, it adds cost and time delays to the process.”


The new S Series in the familiar Push-Pull Connector Family Y-Circ®


After the successful establishment of the B series on the market, the S series is now available with a hermaphroditic connector.

The S series, like the B series, is implemented in protection class IP50.

Yamaichi Electronics is continuing to develop the push-pull circular connector series Y-Circ®

P. The same advantages of the B series are provided and assembly is just as easy and error-free using identical half-shells.

The hermaphroditic connector means that the insulator is divided, with male and female contacts installed in both plug and socket. That makes the connection easy and secure.

All connectors in the S series also have a marking in the form of a blue dot with the Yamaichi logo. That makes connection and finding the coding particularly easy.

Yamaichi Electronics Great Britain Ltd. Tel: +44 (0)7808 - 49 33 77

Southern Electronics 2017 21 - 23 March

Farnborough FIVE, G73 Small format Bar type letterbox shaped TFT LCDs, including and Pentium®

ITX designs and benefit from approximately 30% more processing power and 45% more graphics performance compared to the previous generations. With improved performance per watt, they unleash more performance at a given thermal envelope or improve energy consumption and battery life for given performance requirements. Application areas for these new boards are numerous and range from small sized handheld devices, box PCs and IoT gateways to industrial-grade Thin Clients, slim HMIs and low- power GUIs. Markets can be found in smart homes and smart cities, digital signage and retail, medical technology, gaming and industrial automation, as well as in shop floor and logistic systems.

The new conga-PA5 Pico-ITX SBCs and conga-IA5 Mini-ITX motherboards feature impressive security enhancements, improved real-time computing capabilities as well as the ability to keep the embedded systems of IoT devices in sync. This is of great importance for connected applications such as digital video surveillance, vision based robotics, industry 4.0 connected devices, traffic control and smart energy grids, as well as various connected computing nodes on ships, planes, trains, automobiles and more.

For more information about the new conga-IA5 Thin Mini-ITX motherboard visit:

For more information about the new conga-PA5 Pico-ITX single board computer visit:

touchscreen options Crystal Display Systems (CDS) has increased its range of small format “Bar Type”, “Letterbox” or “Stretch” style TFT LCD panels which means it now offers the widest range of this style of displays globally including touchscreen and extended temperature options! these wide format colour LCDs are becoming increasingly popular in all areas of our lives from digital car dashboards to digital signage. With many of the current crop of monochrome STN LCD’s favouring this letterbox format the transition to

a colour display can sometimes be a big issue for both the hardware and software designers. With our letterbox format colour displays in many instances the same housing can now be considered for the colour upgrade saving designers and engineers valuable time and money.

CDS has many different size options within this display range with new models being released. Sizes start from a 2.5:1 aspect ratio, 2.9” 320 x 120 resolution) display through to an 8:3 aspect ratio, 12.3” (1920 x 720 resolution) IPS technology panel. The panel sizes include sizes from 3.9” (480 x 128) up to 12.3” (1920 x 720).

The focus across the whole range has been to offer a high specification panel suitable for the industrial product market also incorporating the highly demanding automotive and aerospace industries. All the panels would be considered as high brightness solutions with brightness’s of between 500 cd/m² and 1000 cd/m² apart from the 2.9” and 4.2” sizes that whilst do not offer direct sunlight viewing properties still offer a high luminance of 300 cd/m² and 280 cd/m² respectively.


For more information please email or to discuss your requirement please call our main office on +44 (0) 1634 327 420.

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