Front End Smiths Interconnect launches brand transition to simpify

customers access to technologies and solutions LEMO (UK) Ltd expands cable assembly production capability


Microsemi unveils industry’s lowest power cost-optimised FPGA 4 product family for access networks, wireless infrastructure, defence and industry 4.0 markets

6 8

Industry get together and dinner in Brighton on the 25th May 2017 10 Interview

A guide to MLC capacitors with regard to dual-use legislation

Ceramic MLCC’s are finding new applications in the power and automotive industry due to their inherent very low inductance and wide operating temperature range, but there is an unexpected non-technical issue that raises its head when these parts are designed-in

12-13 12

Security and Monitoring Inspiring confidence

Contents 24-27


When connected IoT devices get massively deployed, OEMs must bear in mind that these deployments are also potential botnet breeding grounds. Highest protection states are needed to secure devices from hostile takeovers. Hardware platforms with numerous integrated security features build the foundation for highest IoT security

Is your smart grid secure? Southern Manufacturing Preview Southern Electronics 2017 - The UK’s electronics showcase

Southern Manufacturing and Electronics 2017 returns to FIVE, Farnborough, from March 21st to 23rd for its 19th year. Find out what to expect from the three-day show and see what seminars are also taking place

Drone monitoring equipment from Relec Electronics at

Southern Manufacturing - case study Spotlight On

A spotlight on Plessey Embedded Technology

Trends in embedded design process: the evolving role of the distributor

14-17 14

For design engineers, a distributor can be a vital partner. Where once they would have provided the required products and accessories, now they can play an active supporting role in the research, design and development processes needed to create innovative new technology

Optimise your Augmented Reality solution using an

All Progammable SoC Internet of Things

The key challenges of IoT design

Step towards the connected evolution Fitting together the IIoT connectivity puzzle

Product News Customer integrated AISC solutions for low power industrial

pressure sensing applications Display Technology to install further clean rooms to meet

optical bonding demand

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Andrea Dodini, European marketing manager, Keysight Technologies, talks about the common challenges designers face when developing these smart objects

20 21

Dr. Stan Schneider, CEO, RTI, talks about how the IIC, Industry 4.0, DDS, and OPC UA are assembling the future

22-23 22


Michael LeGoff, CEO of Plessey talks to CIE editor Amy Wallington about his role within the business, how the business is evolving and how LEDs are being used in different markets within the industry

Aerospace, Military & Defence New developments in aerospace gaskets

Staying ahead in aerospace and defence 36-40 36

Tim Kearvell, product manager, Parker Chomerics Europe outlines why urethane- filled expanded aluminium gaskets can now offer significant advantages


David Davies, managing director of Axiom Manufacturing Services, explains how his company has been able to establish a USP for itself in an increasingly competitive aerospace and defence landscape, as well as discussing what future trends are likely to develop for CEMs involved in the sectors’ supply chain

Integrating EMC suppression into high-power connectors for military vehicles

Military vehicles often have separate power connectors and EMC filters which together take up too much valuable space and add weight. Now integrating the required EMC suppression for the first time ever into the connectors themselves, MPE has developed techniques enabling the capacitor to be wound into the backshell of the high-power military connector, where the greater the space for windings, the greater the EMC suppression that can be achieved

Distribution 42

Opportunities, challenges and the future ahead for distributors 42 The Internet of Things (IoT) is happening right now, but in order to prepare for what’s ahead, businesses need to be aware of the opportunities, challenges and impacts of IoT prior to the start of this tech revolution

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Patrick Le Fèvre, Powerbox, talks about how to make the smart grid more secure to prevent attacks

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