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Southern Electronics 2017 the UK’s electronics showcase

Southern Manufacturing and Electronics 2017 returns to FIVE, Farnborough, from March 21st to 23rd. The change from its traditional timing in February to the new, more convenient dates in early Spring marks another step in the evolution of the UK’s most enduring engineering exhibition, which is now in its 19th year. With enhanced accessibility and local infrastructure nearing completion, the organisers look forward to yet another substantial rise in visitor numbers for 2017


he Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Show has, for many, long been the most significant

national electronics showcase in the UK. The move to becoming a three-day event three years ago raised its international profile significantly, pulling in considerably more exhibitors from continental Europe and further afield, and this trend continues for 2017. Combined with an extraordinary cross- section of the UK electronics industry, a variety of major international companies are attending for the first time. In 2016, the show pulled in over 8,600 visitors, roughly half of whom were drawn primarily by the impressive array of electronic components and OEM parts on display. Once again, the event is expected to be fully sold out, with over 800 firms participating from

Seminar sessions

The free technical seminar programme taking place at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2017 has been announced. The one-hour sessions cover key manufacturing and supply chain issues, presented over the three days by top speakers in their industry fields. The programme is a hugely popular feature of the show and places have been filling up

28 March 2017

just about every sphere of engineering and manufacturing. Despite the uncertainty for manufacturing surrounding the events of 2016, the show’s popularity with both domestic and continental European suppliers is showing no signs of abating, and 2017 yet again appears set to take the title as the largest annual electronics show in the country. Southern Electronics’ rich combination of design, production and components appeals to a broad range of electronics professionals, and its co-location with Southern Manufacturing gives visitors the opportunity to address wider production issues than just the electronics element. This diversity of suppliers present is one of the key selling points of the event and always polls highly amongst visitors as their

fast. However, there are still some spaces left to book. Two programmes are running parallel at the show in two seminar rooms over the three-day event at FIVE, Farnborough from March 21st to 23rd. With a total of 28 seminars, half of them have a general focus on engineering and will take place in Seminar Theatre 1 and the other half will have a general focus on electronics and will take place in Seminar Theatre 2. Highlights of the programme include

An introduction to 3D print & the exciting benefits it brings to manufacturers presented by Wayne Kite of Stanford Marsh which will look at case study examples of the limitless application that this new technology brings across all

Components in Electronics

favourite aspect. The vast majority of visitors coming to Southern Electronics and the co-located Southern Manufacturing shows arrive with the objective of resolving multiple sourcing issues. For these kinds of visitors, having so much under one roof is a major time- saver.

On the components side, there is plenty to see: Easby Electronics returns with two stands, showcasing a selection from its extremely wide range of components. Taiwanese connector manufacturer KS Terminals, whose product lines include electrical

sectors and also looks at the new opportunities it could open. Zoe Webster from Innovate UK will

look at How innovation and new technology adoption in manufacturing drives growth. While Stefan Knox, Bang Creations returns with his hugely popular What makes good design, how to generate good ideas. There will also be a focus on the

Internet of Things in this year’s programme including Craig Astfalck’s seminar, Demystifying the Internet of Things for energy data collection in an industrial environment and The Industrial Internet of Things – Case study examples of how manufacturing across all sectors will

connectors and terminals, German DIN specification products, ferrules/cord ends, heat shrinkable terminals, tubular lugs, battery modular connectors (BMC), stainless and nylon cable ties, automotive connectors, crimping tools and machines and solar junction boxes and connectors. From Switzerland, Ceramaret manufactures specialist ceramic parts, used in a variety of applications including insulators for endoscopes, electro-surgery and blades,

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change in the future, with the presenter still to be announced. Dr Alex Martin, Edif ERA will look at the very topical Life after Brexit – what next in trade relations & product regulation, discussing possible new trade relationships and how existing UK product regulation and standards for manufactured goods and electronics are likely to be affected. Ailsa Carson, Onsite Insights, returns with her seminar on Best practice & world class manufacturing.

A full list of seminars can be found at Entry to the seminars is free, but pre-booking is strongly advised as popular sessions fill up quickly.

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