Advertorials Kemtron introduce a new soft silicone flat EMI

gasket material A flat, sheet material, comprising a solid silicone rubber, embedded with Monel or Aluminium metal wires orientated perpendicular to its surface. Excellent RFI/EMI/EMP shielding performance is achieved as the material has a wire density of up to 140 wires/ CM2 in solid silicone providing an environmental and RFI/ EMI seal when clamped between two metallic surfaces. These wires are crimped to aid compression and are chemically bonded to ensure their retention. They will also penetrate most light oxide layers, ensuring a low contact resistance path when suitably compressed.

For applications with severe joint unevenness, low closure forces , and where greater compressibility is required, Kemtron have developed new grades 470/480 of material to fulfil a need that meets the performance of our oriented wire in silicone sponge but with improved environmental sealing qualities. We have achieved this by using a very soft solid silicone with a reduced wire count of 100 wires per cm2 the same as our silicone sponge. The advantages of these materials over silicone sponge are that we can manufacture sheet widths of 225mm with a minimum thickness of 0.8mm. Material consistency is a great advantage over silicone sponge as there is no uneven cell structure to consider that affects moisture ingress and closure force.

Kemtron Ltd Tel: 01376 348115

Sporty fuseholder adds value for quick

assembly and in rough applications With the new FUS fuseholder, SCHURTER is building on its successful FUL series for high-performance applications and presents the first dust and water-proof fuseholder with ingress degree of protection IP67 especially for rough applications. The snap-in fuseholder series guarantees fast and tool-free assembly.

The carrier is available in both versions with slot and fingergrip and can accommodate fuse sizes 5 x 20 / 6.3 x 32.

Thanks to the high IP67 degree of dust and water protection, the FUS series fuseholders can be used wherever high-performance applications are exposed to potentially adverse environmental influences, such as outdoor applications or in the oil and chemical industry, marine, laboratories and mining. In addition, the FUS series fuseholders are also used where the highest ingress protection against liquid and particles is required, as for instance in medical and food production equipment.

Made of halogen-free plastic, the side metal snap brackets act as heat dissipaters and are designed for fast snap-in mounting. Wires are terminated with quick-connect or solder connections. The newly styled fuse carriers accept 5 x 20 mm or 6.3 x 32 mm fuses, and provide slot or fingergrip removal for fuse replacement.

The FUS series already complies with the increased glow-wire material requirements outlined in the new IEC 60127-6 and IEC 60335-1 standards developed for unattended devices in use.

SCHURTER LTD Tel: 01243 810 810

Desk-top back up battery unit powers hubs

and routers Powersolve just introduced desk-top “mini” uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) that provide back-up power in the event of an AC mains failure. The compact PUPS22 & PUPS44 UPS’s works from a 12VDC input using any approved 12V AC-DC plug-top charger capable of powering the load and with enough output power to charge the internal batteries.

Powersolve’s ESA24-12 or ESA36-12 plug-top chargers are a good example.

According to Powersolve, both models are

perfect for powering networking devices such as routers or other low power devices should the mains be interrupted. The UPS incorporates the latest Lithium Ion cells to provide an output capacity of 22 Watt/hours (PUPS22) or 44 Watt/hours (PUPS44) and a maximum output current of 2A. At full load, these products will provide battery back-up for one or two hours, or more at lower output loads.

The PUPS22/44 uses a constant current/constant voltage, trickle charge battery management system and, importantly, incorporates many features including discharge voltage protection and protection against charging over-voltage and input over-current. LEDs indicate charging and charged states. Powersolve can supply a variety of input and output cable assemblies to suit most applications. There is also a new 5V output version available with 2A current rating.

Powersolve DC/AC inverters provide up to 4500VA and

feature ECO mode A series of sine wave DC/AC inverters that provides between 1000 and 4500VA from a DC input between 40 to 60VDC has just been made available by Powersolve. They are ideal for 48VDC – based telecoms systems and meet all relevant safety and EMC standards.

There is a total of five models in the PJN Series each designed around the latest high efficiency Sinusoidal PWM (SPWM) inversion technology and all incorporating an energy-saving ECO working mode. All five models provide 230VAC ±2% (±15% in ECO Mode) and offer power outputs of 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000 or 4500VA. Output frequency is 50Hz ±0.5%. The 3kVA unit is available with optional N+1 redundancy.

Designed for front-end maintenance, each inverter incorporates alarms for battery low and inverter failure and protection against over-voltage, overload, short circuit, over temperature and utility bypass. Front panel LEDs indicate inverter, battery and fault conditions while an RS232 interface provides communications.

The 1000VA & 1500VA units are housed in a 1U high 19in rack enclosure. The 2000VA & 3000VA are 2U while the 4500VA comes in a 440 x 440 x 3U case. AC Input connector is via screw terminals while output connection is by IEC and screw terminals.

Powersolve World’s smallest MOSFET relay handles 1.5A

Omron Electronic Components Europe has launched what it believes to be the world’s smallest MOSFET relay that has a footprint of just 2.9mm2 handling 1.5A.

but is capable of

Created to help designers of test and communications equipment and other applications achieve the minimum possible PCB size, the new G3VM-31QR MOSFET relay is 17% smaller than alternative devices. The S-VSON device has overall dimensions of 2.0mm x 1.65mm x 1.45mm achieved using an innovative 3-stack chip on chip structure.

Omron’s new MOSFET relay that has a footprint of just 2.9mm2 is capable of handling 1.5A.


The G3VM-31QR offers significantly enhanced performance compared to alternate solutions in its class. For example, it’s on-resistance is just 0.10 Ohms. Despite its small size, it can handle a continuous load current of 1.5A at 30V AC or DC and offers a wide temperature range of -40 to 110 degrees Celsius. Its dielectric strength of 500V between input and output is exceptional for such a tiny device.

Omron Electronics Components B.V. Tel: +31 235 681 296, Fax: +31 235 681 222 Email:

DJ Assembly to exhibit at Southern Manufacturing

DJ Assembly, one of the Britain’s leading electronic manufacturing service providers, will once again be heading to Farnborough to exhibit at Southern Manufacturing (Stand L20).

2017 marks the fifth year that DJ will be in attendance, and the York-based company will be on hand to showcase how they can help OEMs with the design, prototyping and assembly of electronic products.

Since the company’s formation, DJ Assembly has formed numerous close relationships with some pioneering firms, due in part to their flexible production strategies, tailored delivery options and dedicated stockholding facilities. Representatives from DJ will be on hand to discuss these benefits for the duration of Southern Manufacturing.

“The three-day event has historically given us the perfect platform to meet new and existing customers alike,” explains Bill Skelton, DJ’s Sales Manager. “It also gives us a wonderful opportunity to discuss how our scheduled production runs, dedicated prototyping service and ability to accommodate individual call-offs can be of benefit.”

DJ Assembly will be exhibiting at Stand L20. Tel: 01904 436456


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