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Industry get together and dinner in Brighton on the 25th May 2017

If you're reading this column, it's a safe bet that you have more than a passing professional stake in keeping abreast with the developments that impact the UK and international electronic components markets. One of the more relaxed and enjoyable ways to do this is by joining your peers at an event organised by the Electronic Components Supply Network. We're holding our next get together and dinner in Brighton on the 25th May 2017, where you will have an opportunity to meet with over two hundred industry friends, suppliers, customers and colleagues. Adam Fletcher, ecsn chairman tells us more about the get together

Adam Fletcher O

ur day starts with the Electronic Components Industry Five-A-Side Football Tournament at the Sussex Football Association HQ in Lancing, West Sussex. The games are always fairly competitive but the focus is really on having fun and building on- and off-pitch team skills, with the assistance of the professional sportsmen who organise the event. This year we are again 'managed' by Guy Butters (over 600 appearances for Tottenham / Portsmouth / Gillingham and Brighton & Hove Albion) and Kerry Mayo (over 400 games for Brighton & Hove Albion), together with several other well known local football professionals.

Last year

At last year's event I found myself in the red team alongside Gelec managing director, Dave English and three other

10 March 2017

assorted industry hopefuls. I've not played football since I left junior school, which as you can appreciate was rather a long time ago, so it was with some apprehension that I found myself standing on the immaculate green sward of Premier League side, Brighton and Hove Albion. The small number of vocal industry supporters did their best to make their presence felt in the vast stadium but we were only able to imagine how professional players feel when they are welcomed on to that turf by the roar of thousands of cheering fans. I discovered that nobody on the red team wanted to play in goal. I eventually volunteered for the position on the basis that I could probably do better within the limited confines of the goal area than I would running up and down the length of a full size pitch. I won't bore you with the score but suffice it to say that my lack of football skills enabled me to watch each subsequent match and observe the improvement that each game brought to the teams that played them. I was impressed that in a short period of time the professionals were able to take groups of people who really didn’t know each other very well and meld them into teams. They did a superb job of building, encouraging and improving performance from their players, praising their performances and providing encouragement when things went wrong. By the final match everyone knew their role, understood the tactics that had been decided and knew how to execute them successfully, and was altogether playing an immensely improved game. Unbeknown to me when I agreed to be ‘goalie', final scores were to be settled by penalty shoot-outs. Some hasty instructions from the professionals had

Components in Electronics

me positioned correctly in my goal mouth and ready to do my best for my team. I soon found however that saving a penalty shot from 25 yards is anything but easy, as the goal is huge and the ball moves very fast across the short distance. But as I said, the score really wasn't that important and just taking part was huge fun and a fantastic experience. The football tournament is open to everyone in the electronic components industry: you may wish to enter a company team or join in as an individual and leave it to us to place you within a team. Either way, if you would like further information please drop Jill Waite an email at

Global Electronic Components Market Overview In the afternoon we move to our hotel in Brighton to recover for an hour or two before starting our evening at 18:00 with the “Global Electronic Components Market Overview”. In his presentation ecsn's market analyst, Aubrey Dunford will review current data and trends for the markets in the UK / Ireland, before taking a look at the situation in Europe, North America and Asia to complete an international view. He'll be happy to answer your questions at the time but you can always follow up with him afterwards. At 19:00 we move on to our ever popular Electronic Components Industry Panel Discussion. As I write our 'brains trust' of interesting senior industry folk is still yet to be finalised but I can promise another lively session, where the audience will again be encouraged by the moderator to participate, ask questions and/or pose alternative opinions.

At the conclusion of the session we move swiftly past (through?) the bar and onto a splendid three-course dinner, followed by an auction of football memorabilia hosted by Guy Butters, the proceeds from which will be donated to the charity ‘Albion in the Community’.

Industry keynote presentation The organised part of our evening concludes with an industry keynote presentation and this year we welcome Steven Fisher, chairman and CEO of PEI Genesis, who has kindly agreed to fly in from Philadelphia to speak to us. Steven has worked in the industry since graduating from university and has a great deal of practical, managerial and leadership experience to share. From past experience I know that you will find his speech interesting, thought provoking and amusing in equal measure.

Steven Fisher However you choose to join us I can

promise you an informative and interesting time in a friendly, highly social environment. If you would like to participate as a player or spectator in the football tournament, be part of the audience at our interactive industry discussions or book a seat(s) at the dinner please send a brief email to Jill Waite and we’ll get right back to you with full details. On behalf of the ecsn Leadership Group I look forward to meeting you on May 25th and take this opportunity to say “Thank You” to Gelec Ltd., the generous sponsor of this year's event.

Aubrey Dunford

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