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Integrating EMC suppression into high-power connectors for military vehicles

Military vehicles often have separate power connectors and EMC filters which together take up too much valuable space and add weight. Now integrating the required EMC suppression for the first time ever into the connectors themselves, MPE has developed techniques enabling the capacitor to be wound into the backshell of the high-power military connector, where the greater the space for windings, the greater the EMC suppression that can be achieved. Paul Currie, sales and marketing director, MPE, tells us more


s applications become ever more sophisticated, complex and power- hungry, connector manufacturers have identified a distinct trend towards increased power and voltage requirements on such applications as military and electric drive vehicles, aircraft and communications base stations.

Many military vehicle applications traditionally utilise a box-type EMC filter that may add unnecessary cost and weight and may take up too much space. Hence MPE is now working with interested connector manufacturers to produce connectors with integrated EMC filtering, in a footprint within very tight physical constraints.

The challenge is to deliver a high degree

of suppression inside the envelope of a filtered connector that provides mechanical compliance to MIL-DTL-38999 Series III and EMC suppression compliance to DEF STAN 59-411 and MIL-STD-461. These are for standard ranges of MOTS (Military-Off-The- Shelf) filters suitable for EMC suppression of COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) equipment on military vehicles. Typically, the use of single pole contacts

can create an electrical interface that exceeds typical interconnect requirements via a hyperbolic socket contact construction. The latter distributes normal forces over a high percentage of the mating surface, to ensure a smooth and even engagement force with exceptionally high performance under vibration. The

Examples of high-power, filtered connectors incorporating EMC suppression from MPE

large surface area of the socket contact also results in a very low contact resistance, enabling much higher current ratings which suit those power-hungry applications. Such connectors are now commonly available from a wide range of connector manufacturers.

Euroquartz launches new tight stability clock oscillators from Statek F

requency control specialist, Euroquartz has launched a new range of clock oscillators from

Statek offering tight frequency stability of ±20ppm over the military temperature range and ±10ppm for industrial applications. Available in frequencies from 10 to 55MHz, the new STXO range also offers low RMS jitter and low phase noise. State-of-the-art design, process, manufacturing and test capabilities have made the development of this ultra-miniature 3.2 x 2.5mm STXO oscillator possible. Key performance capabilities include low RMS jitter typically less than 300fs, typical noise floor less than −161dBc/Hz, high shock survival options (>20,000g) and ultra-low Allan Deviation and period jitter (1.4ps RMS). Supply voltage options are 2.5 and 3.3V ±10 per cent with low current

40 March 2017

consumption of 3.0mA (no load across temperature range). Offering 15pF CMOS output load with enable/disable and tri-state functions, the new Statek STXO range delivers fundamental frequency output with no PLL artefacts and is housed in a hermetically-sealed ceramic four-pad surface mount package. Offered in versions for industrial applications over −10 to +85°C and military applications over −55 to +125°C, the new STXO clock oscillators are available with full military testing per MIL PRF 55310 on request. Tighter frequency stability performance can also be provided to special order. Additional specifications include start-up time of 5ms maximum, rise/fall time of 5ns maximum, duty cycle of 45 per cent minimum/55 per

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cent maximum and low ageing of 2ppm in first year. Defence and aerospace applications include smart munitions, communications, guidance and navigation. Euroquartz is an independent UK- based manufacturer and supplier of quartz crystals, oscillators, filters and frequency-related products to the electronics manufacturing industry worldwide. The company is AS9100 registered and designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of frequency control components for a wide range of customers including major OEMs covering a broad spectrum of applications including military and aerospace, communications, general electronics, computing, control systems and petrochemical among many others.

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