SMART Mode Digital Pyrometer The IMPAC®

IGAR 6 Advanced ratio pyrometer owns a unique switchover technology that transitions between modes, creating a very long temperature measurement range.

The IGAR 6 Advanced is a digital, compact pyrometer with 1-color, 2-color, and Smart operating modes for non- contact temperature measurement in ranges between 100 to 2000 °C.

This product is unique not only because of the wide temperature range, but due to the employed seamless ‘switchover’ technology. This technology, known as Smart Mode, allows the pyrometer to measure in 1- color mode at low temperatures (100 to 250 °C) and then transition to 2-color mode to provide the advantages of measurements in ratio mode at higher temperatures (280 to 2000 °C). The automatic, smooth transition from 1-color to 2-color measurement occurs between 250 and 280 °C. In addition, the pyrometer can operate in 1-color mode (100 to 2000 °C) and 2-color mode (250 to 2000 °C).

When the instrument is operated in 2-color or Smart Mode, InfraWin provides the option to automatically determine the emissivity. By pushing a dedicated button, this emissivity is set and used for all measurements in 1-color mode or in Smart Mode below 280 °C.

In 2-color mode (ratio method) two adjacent wavelengths are used for the temperature determination. This technique offers substantial advantages compared to standard 1-color pyrometers: The temperature measurement is largely independent of

IMPAC IGAR 6 Advanced

the object’s emissivity and in wide ranges unaffected by dust and other contaminants in the field of view. The measuring object can be smaller than the spot size, measurements through dirty viewing windows are possible up to a certain contamination.

The unique combination of a wide temperature range, compact size, and new Smart Mode including the response time of only 2 ms for measurement of fast processes, render the IGAR 6 Advanced pyrometer as ideal measuring solution for many different applications in industrial manufacturing.

Major applications include induction heating, hardening, tempering/

annealing, brazing, sintering, vacuum processes, coating, and laser heat treatment.

The IGAR 6 Advanced joins the Series 6 family of digital, compact infrared thermometers and leverages highly accurate infrared technology to determine the temperature of a surface. Like other Series 6- pyrometers, the IGAR 6 Advanced shares the available Series 6 sighting options such as through-lens-sighting, laser targeting, and TV module and can be connected to a PC through an RS485 to USB connection. A wide range of useful optional accessories e.g. the line-optics complete the LumaSense portfolio.

Our 60-year history of creating efficiencies through light-based measurement and an unrivaled passion for excellence is why we have become one of the most trusted sensing solution providers. With expert application understanding and a growing portfolio of products, LumaSense can combine several technologies together into novel solutions even for the most complex environments.

LumaSense was acquired by Advanced Energy in September 2018.

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