6/ MARCH/APRIL 2017 THE RIDER The Way of Horses: 4H

bers of 4-H. These young adults are devel- oping leadership skills, self-confidence, communication and public-speaking abili- ties while learning about their 4-H project. In 1902 A.B. Graham started a rural

youth program based in Ohio. In 1914 the United States Congress created the Coop- erative Extension Service which adopted the boys’ and girls’ club. The extension service saw the youth

club as a way to introduce new agriculture technology to adults who may not embrace new ideas and techniques for managing a farm. The young adults would “experi- ment” with the new ideas and share the suc- cesses with adults and parents. As America became more urban, 4-H

THE WAY OF HORSES By Eleanor Blazer Copyright @ 2017

Encourage your child to join a gang— it can lead to success! Youth join gangs to achieve a sense of

community, self-esteem, recognition and moral code. 4-H provides all of these things, plus educational opportunities. There are more than 6 million young people in the United States who are mem-

evolved to include programs that were needed for youth who did not live on a farm. Science, technology, communica- tions, shooting sports, photography, small engines, child development and many other projects are now offered, in addition to the animal projects. Go to

at-a-glance/ for a list of projects offered by 4-H.

It is no longer necessary to live on a

farm and have access to animals in order to be a 4-H member. More than half of the 4- H members now come from large cities and their suburbs. 4-H clubs are run by the young mem-

bers, with adults only stepping in when ad- vice or guidance is needed. “Learning by doing” is 4-H’s educational philosophy. 4- H empowers youth to reach their full po- tential, working and learning in partnership with caring adults. If you have a young adult interested in

joining a “gang” look into the great pro- grams offered by 4-H. Go to http://4-

to find the Cooperative

Extension office in your area. 4 H Pledge

I pledge my head to clearer thinking,

My heart to greater loyalty, My hands to larger service, and my health to better living, for my club, my community, my coun-

try, and my world. * Take the online course “Nutrition for Maximum Performance” taught by 4- H alumna Eleanor Blazer. Earn certi-

fication or work toward a Bachelor of Science degree in Equine Studies. Go to for more information.

New Guidelines Document to help Horse Rescue Organizations

March 3, 2017 -A new document has been released to help provide support and important information on care stan- dards for those involved in equine rescue, retirement and adoption/rehoming facilities in the province of Ontario. The document, “Ontario Care Guidelines for

Equine Rescue, Retirement and Adoption/Rehoming Fa- cilities” has beeNew Guidelines n developed by a working committee composed of several provincial groups and as- sociations to provide information to assist horse rescue, retirement and adoption/rehoming facilities. The working committee, called the Ontario Equine Welfare Information Group, included representation from Equestrian Canada, Equine Guelph, Ontario Association of Equine Practition- ers (OAEP), Ontario Equestrian Federation (OEF), On- tario Harness Horse Association (OHHA), Ontario Horse Racing Industry Association/Ontario Racing, Ontario Vet- erinary College, Ontario Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA), Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue, and the On- tario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. The information in the document provides im-

portant support for those wishing to provide a better life for unwanted horses by running rescue or rehoming farms or for those who are providing sanctuary or retirement places. It includes information on nutritional management for thin or starving horses, body condition scoring, work- ing with an equine veterinarian to identify and manage the most common issues these horses may face, and other helpful information. It also incorporates the standards from the Canadian Code of Practice for the Care and Han- dling of Equines and self-assessment guides to ensure compliance to the standards of welfare. “Our goal in creating this document is two-fold:

to provide quality information for rescue organizations in their efforts to rehabilitate and rehome horses and to pro- tect the welfare of our most vulnerable equines. “Ontario Care Guidelines for Equine Rescue, Retirement and Adop-

tion/Rehoming Facilities” used in combination with the “Canadian Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Equines”, will accomplish both.”- Dr. Mary Bell, Eques- trian Canada

Digital copies of the document can be obtained from following websites:

Equestrian Canada - Equine Guelph - fare.php OAEP - OEF - OHHA


OVMA - Ontario Racing - mation/Industry-Links.aspx Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue - http://www.whhres-

For information on the Canadian Equine Code of Practice:



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