MARCH/APRIL 2017 THE RIDER /45 The Mane Event Springs into London, ON May 12 – 14, 2017

Come Ride with Us at the Mane Event!

If you would like to immerse

yourself in 3-days of equine education, shopping and entertainment – The Mane Event, May 12 – 14, 2017 at the Western Fair District in London, On- tario is the place to be. Remember don’t let the weather stop you – every- thing at the Mane Event is under one roof and the atmosphere is equine all weekend long! With clinics, demos, presenta-

tions on everything from Jumping; Dressage; Reining; Horsemanship; Driving; Barrel Racing/Pole Bending; Equine Nutrition, Saddle Fitting and more these 3-days are filled with all types of equine knowledge and educa-

Ryan Rose

tion. This year’s clinicians include: David Marcus (Dressage) Geoff Teall (Hunter/Jumper) Doug Leasor (Barrel Racing/Pole Bending)

Aaron Ralston (Reining) Steve Rother (Horsemanship) Linda Parelli (Horsemanship) Suzy Stafford (Driving) plus presen- ters to be announced shortly.

The education-based Trainers Chal- lenge will feature: Dale Clearwater


Saskatchewan); Ryan Rose (from Wisconsin) and Kerry Kuhn (from Kansas) both Dale and Kerry are pre- vious Mane Event winners so this Challenge should be fun, exciting, educational and challenging! If you would like to ride in any of

Kerry Kuhn

the sessions with the clinicians (ex- cept for the Trainer Challenge com- petitors) please visit our website and look under the tab titled “Features” for the



• Specializing in Farms • All Styles of Fencing

• Installed & Repaired • Fence Painting (705) 435-2770

David Marcus

“Ride with Our Clinicians” informa- tion. Most sessions are 1 hour and 15 minutes in length and some clinicians will work with the same riders over all 3 days. This is a chance to participate and learn hands-on with some of the best in the business, without spending a fortune! Another event which allows

youth riders to participate is the Youth Pro-am which will run Friday evening at 8:15 pm and teams up youth riders and their horses with clinicians and Trainers Challenge competitors to compete in a timed obstacle course. There is no cost to youth for this event, and it has proven to be fun and enter- taining to compete in and watch! Ap- plications are currently being accepted please see the website, as noted above, for information. The listing of trade show ex-

hibitors has begun and is increasing daily, looks like there will be some great shopping there! The Mane Event is happy to announce that sponsorship

arrangements have been made with the Ontario Equestrian Federation and Greenhawk!

Remember daily admission tick-

ets give you general admission seating to all events, however VIP tickets are available for the Trainers Challenge and guaranteed seating tickets for the Youth Pro-Am and the Saturday night Equine Experience are also available. See

for more information or call 1-844- 578-7518. A schedule of events will be posted very shortly.

Mane Event News Release Above: Doug Leasor.

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