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viduals and their American Quarter Horses at the end of each year through the Association’s high-point awards. With the introduction of the AQHA lev- eling program in 2014, the Association is able to recognize more individuals and horses for their accomplishments in the show arena. AQHA annually recognizes the

By Kathy Patters, AQHA Director

AQHA Congratulates Show Leaders For 2016 The American Quarter Horse As-

sociation recognizes hardworking indi-

top point earners in each division of every AQHA event. Horses are recog- nized in the open division, while youth and amateurs competing with any one horse are recognized in their respective divisions. The divisions are further bro- ken down into Rookie, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. In addition to the leaders in each division, AQHA also named the 2016 year-end all-around award win- ners: Markel Insurance All-Around Youth: Ellexxah Ireland Maxwell of West Mansfield, Ohio, and Zips Bossy Chip Farnam All-Around Amateur: Thad

O’Boyle of Saint Louis, Michigan, and Aint I Sumthin Farnam All-Around Junior Horse: DT Elenor Shine Whiz, owned by DT Horses LLC of Bend, Oregon Farnam All-around Senior Horse: BFR Igniting Sparks, owned by Beechfork Ranch of Weatherford, Texas AQHA Leading Exhibitor: Team Wran- gler member and AQHA Professional Horseman J.D. Yates of Pueblo, Col- orado

To view the list of 2016 year-end

leaders, go to the Showing section of and click “Show Leaders List.”

Top AQHA Shows in 2016 The Arizona Sun Circuit secures a

position once again as one of the top shows of 2016. From early spring in Arizona to

the tail end of the year in Florida, AQHA members turned out in droves to support

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The Canadian Quarter Horse Association is an affiliate of the AQHA. Annual membership is free to current members of AQHA. To enroll on-line, visit the CQHA web site:, and choose

“Membership” section. Choose “Affiliates” to link to provincial Quarter Horse & Racing Association sites. Contact: CQHA President, Wayne Burwash, ph: 403-246-8283, email:

AQHA Director’s Report

shows and circuits across the United States. Combined, the top-10 AQHA circuits saw 96,750 entries in 2016. New this year, AQHA recognizes the top shows in the Equestrians With Dis- abilities, Level 1, Introductory and dressage categories. “We want to congratulate the

show management teams behind these top shows. These teams work hard to provide exhibitor satisfaction and their dedication translated into their show being a major destination for competi- tors,” said AQHA Chief Show Officer Pete Kyle. “It’s also exciting to look at this

list of shows and see both the East and West coasts represented, with shows from up north and down south, span- ning spring, summer, fall and winter,” Kyle added.

Top AQHA Circuits: Arizona Sun Country Circuit, Scotts- dale, Arizona Oklahoma Redbud Spectacular, Okla- homa City Big A Circuit, Conyers, Georgia Silver Dollar Circuit, Las Vegas SOQHA The Madness Circuit, Wilm- ington, Ohio Oregon Summer Classic, Central Point, Oregon Florida Gold Coast Quarter Horse Show, Tampa, Florida All American Quarter Horse Congress, Columbus, Ohio Region Six Super Six Series, West Springfield, Massachusetts Michigan Mini Circuit, East Lansing, Michigan

Top Level 1 Shows: Keystone Quarter Horse Show, Centre Hall, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Quarter Horse Associa- tion All-Novice Clinic and Show, Cen- tre Hall Northern Michigan Quarter Horse Show, Midland, Michigan Massachusetts Quarter Horse Associa- tion All-Novice Show, Northampton, Massachusetts Northern Ohio Quarter Horse Associa- tion Spring Extravaganza, Findlay, Ohio North Carolina Quarter Horse Associ- ation Spring Fun All-Novice Show, Colfax, North Carolina Area 3 Summer Quarter Horse Show, Orangeville, Ontario Region One Scholarship Show, Mon- roe, Washington Scott TWP Volunteer Fire Department Horse Show, Harlansburg, Pennsylva- nia Border Belt Horseman’s Association Spring Fling, Raleigh, North Carolina

Total AQHA show entries will be

available to view in the 2016 AQHA Annual Report, which will be posted in March. Some Level 1 competitors will want to take a close look at the top-10 shows list. A Level 1 competitor can compete with a horse that he or she does not own; however, the top-10 shows/circuits require exhibitors to be the owner or related to the owner of the horse or have an AQHA show lease or permit. If the top-10 show does not allow permits, an AQHA show lease

must be on file with AQHA. Go to to download a show lease.

Robin Glenn Pedigrees Adds AQHA Points and Awards to Online Reports The American Quarter Horse As-

sociation and Robin Glenn Pedigrees are excited to announce that online re- ports for money-earners in the RGP Database now include AQHA points and awards. For the first time ever, owners can request a record that gives the whole picture: money earned and class placings in other organizations’ activity, plus AQHA points and awards. RGP is giving all users $10 in

free reports to experience the new re- ports. The credit applies to existing and new users, and can be obtained by log- ging

on at “Merging this data to produce a

one-stop resource was one of our pri- mary goals in purchasing Robin Glenn Pedigrees,” said Trent Taylor, AQHA chief operating officer. “For the first time, our customers can go to a single website and pull one record showing both the AQHA points and money earned, giving the horsemen complete information to make buying, selling, breeding and marketing decisions.” Updated continuously, the RGP data- base contains more than 317,000 money-earners and a billion dollars in horse earnings, offering results from more than 300 halter and performance organizations that cover every type of American Quarter Horse performance event.

Reports available include a per-

formance report for a given horse, a dam’s produce report and a “nicking” (“best cross”) report that shows proven stallion crosses. Customizable sire re- ports are also available in addition to maternal grandsire reports, plus a four- generation dam’s produce report offer- ing a color-coded study of a mare that includes performance detail on the sub- ject mare, foals, grandfoals and great- grandfoals, for up to four dams. All the horses on these reports will now show AQHA points and awards as well as the usual RGP research. Register to use the RGP Database today to learn all about your horse and its family at www.rob- Robin Glenn Pedigrees is an AQHA subsidiary.

AQHA Youth World Cup The American Quarter Horse As-

sociation is pleased to announce the next AQHA Youth World Cup will take place June 29-July 8, 2018 in Bryan- College Station, Texas. The Canadian Quarter Horse As-

sociation is now actively seeking appli- cations for the two volunteer positions of Team Canada Coach and Team Canada Manager. To stay in the loop about the 2018 Youth World Cup, check out the CQHA website - Youth World Cup Section for updates about this exciting event. Remember to visit the OQHA,

AQHA, and CQHA websites for all your Quarter Horse news! If I can be of any assistance, please contact me at: Ph: (519) 345-2861 or by e-mail at:

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