MARCH/APRIL 2017 THE RIDER /47 The Great Lakes Carriage Classic, a New Pleasure Driving Show On July 8th and 9th Tri- County Carriage

Association will be hosting The Great Lakes Carriage Classic (GLCC), a two day pleasure driving show with dressage tests, breed and specialty classes. The club has brought together a strong, experienced team for the show. Audrey Bostwick

from Pennsylvania will serve as the pleasure judge, and cones and dressage will be judged by Sue Mott from Ontario. Ed Young from New York State will act as the technical delegate and Tara and PJ Crowley from Pennsylvania will assist with the show. TCCA’s objective for

The Great Lakes Carriage Classic is to provide a di- verse range of driving en- thusiasts with a Canadian experience, in a site where they can show their equine partners and advance their driving skills. The club’s motto is ~where carriage driving begins~ and every effort is being made to make this show welcoming, not only to experienced show competitors, but also to those new to showing. Reach Huron in Clin-

ton, Ontario will serve as the venue for this show. Wheel- chair accessible, with a 108 by 211 foot indoor arena, large outdoor rings, flat grassy areas and indoor sta- bling for 82, Reach is a

prime site for a competition of this kind. Clinton is centrally lo- cated and provides easy ac- cess to competitors from both sides of the border. A wide range of accommoda- tions are available in the area, but competitors are urged to book their rooms early as the show occurs during peak tourist season. GLCC will have the

usual horse, pony, multiple and junior divisions but the club has also included divi- sions for para- ‐drivers, util- ity vehicles and those drivers in their first three years of showing. The TCCA definition of junior driver is a youth who is less than 21 years of age as of January 1, 2017. In this show all drivers must wear a hat or helmet, an apron or knee rug, gloves and must also carry a whip. Those with wire wheeled vehicles must obtain ap- proval prior to showing. Competitors must also have personal liability insurance of at least $2 Million. Each of the core divi-

sions will have turnout, working, and reinsmanship classes plus fault and out and timed obstacle classes. For all competitors there will be additional classes in the form of a ‘winner take all scurry class’, a one handed cones class and a

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educational clinic on March 26th at Copetown Community Centre. Titled ‘Thinking Beyond Working Alone’, this is a full day event with a hot lunch included in the fee. In the morning there will be lectures and in the afternoon there will be three hands on teaching sessions. Speakers will go over all aspects of participating in activities off the farm including showing. Details garnered at this clinic would be especially useful to drivers, grooms or family helpers that are consider- ing attendance at The GLCC.

The prize list and registration for The

Great Lakes Carriage Classic are now available on the TCCA website at tricoun- as is information and regis- tration for the March 26th Educational Clinic under events. Payment can be done through Pay Pal or by cheque. This is an exciting year for Tri‐County Carriage Association and we hope you will visit our website regu- larly for updates on our exciting shows, clinics and social drives.

costume class. Dressage tests from Training to Inter- mediate will occur on Satur- day during the day. In this inaugural year Friesians and Haflingers are the two breeds chosen for showcas- ing at the Saturday night gala. The Friesians will compete in a pleasure driv- ing turnout and a working class. The Haflingers will participate in a drive and ride class and a pleasure working class. On Sat- urday night there will also be a driving demonstration. Saturday the club will

host a buffet style dinner and on Sunday afternoon after competition ends an awards ceremony with re- freshments will take place. For those who will compete in the show, there are oppor- tunities to participate as a volunteer or a spectator. The show will be free to all spec- tators during the day on Sat- urday and Sunday. On Saturday evening there will be a $5 charge for individual spectators or $15 for a fam- ily.

To prepare for this event TCCA is holding an

• 4, 5 or 6 day adventures • great food • teepee/tent


• live cowboy entertainment We cater to

“city slickers” and advanced riders

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