Equestrian Canada Announces 2017 Eventing Committee

Ottawa, ON – Equestrian Canada (EC) is pleased to announce the members of the 2017 Eventing Committee. Following the close of applica-

tions in December 2016, the following individuals have been appointed for 2017:

Peter Gray (Chair) – Orangeville, ON Ruth Allum – Ashton, ON James Atkinson – Ramona, CA Peggy Hambly – Guelph, ON Julie Johansson – Oliver, BC Lori Leach – Harvey Station, NB Sue Ockendon – Knowlton, QC Rob Stevenson – Lakeside, NB Kellie Towers – Burlington, ON The committee members were ap-

to recognize and sincerely thank outgoing committee member, Jennifer Holling of Ocala, FL who served on the Eventing Com- mittee for many years and also served as Chair of the Eventing High Performance Committee from 2014 to 2016. “Lori Leach and James Atkinson have

gram and will be missed; we are very thankful for her contributions.”

About the EC Eventing Committee The Eventing Committee is the commit-

tremendous knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport, so they will only strengthen an al- ready very committed group of Eventing Committee members,” stated Eventing Com- mittee Chair, Peter Gray. “Jennifer Holling has made incredible contributions to our pro-

tee of Equestrian Canada responsible for lead- ing the strategy on programs and services for eventing development in Canada. For more information on programs provided by the Eventing Committee, visit

pointed to the 2017 EC Eventing Com- mittee based on their discipline-specific competencies and expertise, as well as their general strengths as collaborators and strategic thinkers. Leach and Atkinson are new to the

Eventing Committee for 2017. Leach is an EC/NCCP Certified Coach and a Level 1 Eventing Course Designer in Training. She has previously served on various equestrian committees at both the national and provincial level, and has competed up to the Preliminary CCI 1* level. Atkinson is a former member of the Canadian Eventing Team, having represented Canada at the 2002 FEI World Equestrian Games in Spain, as well as two Pan American Games. In 2016, Atkinson was promoted to FEI Level 3/4 Eventing Course Designer status. The Eventing Committee wishes

Youth Bursary Continued from Page 42

NCAA Division 1 university in the US.

Samantha Cowan, 20, of North Bay, ON, love of horses started at the age of nine and has worked her way up from the Short Stirrup level all the way to the 1.30m junior jumper division. Hav- ing discovered her passion for jumping while competing at the Trillium level in Ontario, Samantha competed suc- cessfully in the 0.90m and 1.0m Tril- lium Jumper divisions, qualifying and competing at the Trillium Champi- onships. From there, she moved up to the national level and also traveled to Ocala, FL, earning consistent results in the Medium and High Child/Adult Jumper divisions and claiming a Re- serve Championship title. Samantha’s short-term goals include competing in the Under 25 series in Canada and Wellington, FL, with the long-term goal of consistently competing at the grand prix level. Currently a student at the University of Guelph, majoring in Psychology, she intends to pursue a graduate degree and a career as a Sports Psychologist and Mental Per- formance Coach.

About the Jumping Youth Bursary Each year, the Jumping Commit-

tee selects recipients of the Jumping Youth Bursary program based on the strength of applications received. Ele- ments considered in the application process include a transcript of grades and outline of academic curriculum; future educational plans; equestrian ex- perience; commitment and dedication to their sport; a positive image within the sport; achievement of notable com- petition results, whether at the local, re- gional or national level; goals within the equestrian industry; and financial need. For additional details regarding the Jumping Youth Bursary Program, please visit grams-services/athlete-development.

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