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challenges, opportunities and solutions in building a strong and unified Canadian equestrian community. To wrap up the day, Rosansky will invite a diverse panel of EC stakeholders, including Canadian Olympian Tiffany Foster, to join him in leading an engaging discussion on the key topics and takeaways from the keynote address and workshop. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to en-

gage in discussion and deliberation on the most im- portant issues facing the equestrian community, and more importantly, how the community can unify to

address the key issues and become stronger for it! 2. What is Your Horse Trying to Tell You? Equine Behaviour and Training Theory & Live Demo with Dr. Andrew McLean On April 8, join Dr. Andrew McLean, PhD,

BSc, DipEd, Co-Director of Equitation Science In- ternational for a two-part journey into the science be- hind how horses learn cues, behaviours and movements. Dr. McLean will start out with a theory-based

workshop session focused on how to improve com- munication with horses and avoid confusion and problem behaviours. From there, delegates are in- vited to head off-site to the Southlands Riding Club for an exciting Equine Behaviour & Training Live Demo! Through a hands-on demonstration, Dr. McLean will showcase how clear training and an un- derstanding of the horse’s biomechanics can make

training for performance simpler and more effective. For a deeper look into Dr. McLean’s back-

ground and methods, check out the EC Annual Spot- light: The Art & Science of Training Horses with Dr. Andrew McLean in this issue of the EC Insider

3. Take the Responsible Coaching Movement Pledge! Join Lorraine Lafrenière, CEO of the Coaching

Association of Canada (CAC) on April 8 to discover the Responsible Coaching Movement (RCM) – a multi-phase, system-wide movement coordinated by the CAC and the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) that calls on sport organizations and coaches to address issues related to the health and safety of athletes on and off the field of play, and implement realistic change. Get in the know on the latest progression of the

coaching community in Canada and then join your peers in taking the Responsible Coaching Movement Pledge!

4. Leading Competitive Excellence Panel Ten-time Canadian Olympian, Ian

Millar said it best: “We’ve always been a nation of really

good riders. For as small as we are, we have been competitive. When you look at our re- sults, we’ve been way past our weight class.”

On April 7, attend the Leading Com-

petitive Excellence Panel to hear about the experiences and perspectives of distin- guished panelists from diverse areas of high performance sport. Gain insight about what it takes for Canada to achieve excellence on the world stage from experts within and outside the Canadian equestrian commu- nity, including:

Tiffany Foster – Elite Show Jumping Ath- lete & Canadian Olympian Tania Vicent – Canadian Olympian & Canadian Olympic Committee Manager, Team Services Jane Tidball – Thunderbird Show Park President and Tournament Director Cara Whitham – Equivents Inc. Owner and President & FEI 5* Dressage Judge Susan Thompson – EC/NCCP Competi- tion Coach Specialist – Dressage Lorraine Lafrenière – Coaching Associa- tion of Canada CEO

5. Celebrate at the EC Awards Reception Head to the EC Awards Reception on

the evening of April 8 and celebrate the im- pressive achievements of individuals, equines and organizations that have con- tributed to the growth and success of the equestrian community. Join us for what is sure to be a mem-

orable and entertaining night as we honour recipients of EC National Awards, includ- ing:

• Lifetime Achievement Award • Gold Medal Award • Equestrian of the Year – The Dr. George Jacobson Trophy • Junior Equestrian of the Year – The Gillian Wilson Trophy • Horse of the Year – the Hickstead Trophy • Canadian Bred Horse of the Year • Canadian Breeder of the Year • Volunteer of the Year • Owner of the Year • Media Award – The Susan Jane Anstey Trophy • Boehringer Ingelheim Health & Welfare Award For full information on the EC Na-

tional Awards and the Reception, visit Don’t miss out on the opportunity to 1-877-tRyavIa (519) 264-2354 • RR #1, 8782 Longwoods Road,Mt. Brydges, ON N0L 1W0

enjoy the best of equestrian education, per- sonal development, and social events—all in one place! Browse the full agenda and register for the 2017 EC Annual Conven- tion

today by visiting tion

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