Chill out! Does your horse need an attitude adjustment?


In a recent survey published in the Record

( ), owners and riders of dressage and event- ing horses shared their experiences with equine nutritional supplements. The dres- sage riders reported that the most frequent issue they encountered with their competi- tion horses was be- haviour management - ie. their horses were stressed out! Yet, sur- prisingly, the most common type of equine supplement they were inclined to buy was not for stress management. This was due, at least in part, to the lack of research available on calming products. In response to this disconnect, Herbs for Horses has created ‘Calm & Collected’, a supplement in paste form that can be ad- ministered prior to stressful events. The product contains magnesium

and B-vitamins in the correct balance to re- store emotional perspective (now, which of us couldn’t use a little more emotional per-

spective in our life?!). Magnesium plays a critical role in managing depression in hu- mans , and supplementation with magne- sium reduces undesirable behaviors and lowers the chronic stress hormone ‘corti- sol’ in intensively managed animals. Magnesium is also associated with reduced production of acute stress hormones (cate-

Equestrian Canada Announces 2017 Dressage Committee Members

Ottawa, ON – Equestrian Canada (EC) is pleased to announce the mem- bers of the 2017 Dressage Committee. The following individuals

have been appointed following the close of applications in December 2016:

Victoria Winter (Chair) – Toronto, ON Mary Brooks – Cedar Valley, ON Jean Duckering – Red Deer, AB Susan Fraser – Port Williams, NS Joan Macartney – Manotick, ON Sheila Skene – Victoria, BC Elizabeth (Liz) Steacie – Brockville, ON William (Lee) Tubman – Wellington, FL Birgit Valkenborg – Sainte-Marthe, QC

tional and international dressage com- petitions.

from Port Williams, NS - who origi- nally joined the Committee last year – extended her term and was welcomed for 2017. Fraser brings forward volun- teer experience that includes involve- ment in EC high performance, officials and competition committees. She has also competed up to the FEI level and is both an EC Certified Coach and a Medium Dressage Judge. The Dressage Committee

cholamines) and lowers blood pressure . And when magnesium is combined with B- vitamins, there results an improvement in stress management and anxiety-related physiology in chronically stressed people. Consistent with their mandate of re-

search behind their products, Selected Bio- Products has published a new research study5 which demonstrates the effectiveness of this product in horses with anxi- ety issues. Contact us today to get a copy of the research paper.

J Psychiatr Res. 2013 Jul;47(7):955-65. Animal.


Jun;7(6):1017-27. Br J Anaesth. 2009 Oct;103(4):484-9. Int J Food Sci Nutr. 2016 Mar;67(2):195-202. 5 J Equine Vet Sci. 2017 (in press)

Why proper insurance coverage is so important!

Written by Jennifer Fox, Brant Mutual Insurance Company Agent Economic unpredictability may

mean your insurance coverage no longer meets your needs. A lot can change on a farm that could impact your coverage needs, things you may not even think about

tion changes, that is the time to review your policy. However, I suggest that all equine or farm business owners speak to their agents for an insurance review at least once a year. For example, if you branch into other business activities, you may not be covered. Your liability coverage under your current policy is intended to provide protection for liabilities incurred from your personal and farming or ranching activities. So the horse farm owner who decides to have a few horse boarders to offset the in- crease in commodity prices, or the equine facility that decided to host clinics, camps, and horse shows may need additional cov- erage.

a good relationship with your insurance agent!

dates to examine and discuss the insurance values on your policy. Constant changes in commodity pricing means there is a good chance that your outbuildings and hay & grain inventory may be under-insured. Brant Mutual Insurance Company

Together, we can plan on yearly up- That’s why it is so important to have

until it’s too late. And the worst time to find out you don’t have enough coverage is when you call to make a claim. If your horse farm or equine opera-

EC Dressage Committee were ap- pointed based on their discipline-spe- cific expertise and competencies, as well as overall strengths in areas such as collaboration and strategic thinking. The current committee contains an ideal balance of experience from the perspective of high performance ath- letes, certified coaches, EC and FEI officials, competition organizers, own- ers and sponsors, as well as the grass- roots.

2017 is Lee Tubman, a Canadian cur- rently living in Wellington, FL. With over 30 years of experience as a com- petitor, certified coach and official, Tubman recently earned FEI 4* level credentials as a Dressage Judge and can be found in the judges’ box at na-

New to the committee in The members of the 2017

also extends sincere gratitude to out- going committee member, Christilot Boylen. A seven-time Olympian, Boylen has been an active participant in the sport of dressage for more than five decades, and has made a name for herself as one of Canada’s most re- spected athletes and coaches.

Additionally, Susan Fraser

mittee members for accepting these positions and for their continued sup- port and commitment to the sport of dressage in Canada,” said Victoria Winter, EC Dressage Committee Chair. “I would also like to recognize outgoing member Christilot Boylen for her invaluable insight, experience and contributions.”

About the EC Dressage Committee The Dressage Committee is

the committee of Equestrian Canada responsible for leading the strategy on programs and services for dressage development in Canada. For more in- formation on programs provided by the Dressage Committee, visit

“I want to thank the Com-

Photo: Jennifer Fox, Brant Mutual Insurance Agent

wants to provide more than just insurance protection; our goal is to develop a long- term relationship with you and your opera- tions. My goal is to make sure you have policy coverage that’s tailored to your equine and farming needs.

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