Another programme from the Pharmacy Management Academy breaks this spring, with whole-day courses taking place at ten locations around the United Kingdom.

the northern Ireland event entitled ‘Working Better together: How to build multidisciplinary and multiagency teams to improve patient care’, will take place on 23 May (10am-4pm) at the Maldron Hotel at Belfast International Airport, and will focus on how to deliver projects requiring the input of multiple teams or organisations.

the Academy, which is free to pharmacy professionals, is supported by sponsorship from a number of pharmaceutical companies - many of whom have sponsored previous programmes.


formed almost 30 years ago to offer the pharmacy sector a one- stop shop for their Christmas trade, this year’s trade fair will once again introduce a range of new brands to buyers!

from cosmetics to perfumes, jewellery to wrapping/bags, the trade fair provides everything in one place in one day – a fact which is of huge benefit to Ireland’s cosmetic buyers!

the show takes place on May 21, 22 and 23 2017 in the Main Hall and Hall 3 in the RDS at Ballsbridge in Dublin. Registration is available at the door. for more information visit


the Health and Social Care Board (HSCB) has welcomed the publication of the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry [HIAI] report, and will now spend time considering the recommendations in full, in conjunction with the Department of Health and all Health and Social Care (HSC) organisations.

‘We are very aware from our knowledge and experience as Health and Social Care professionals, and reinforced by attending the hearings throughout the duration of the Inquiry,’ said a spokesperson for the HSCB, ‘of the devastating impact that all forms of child abuse can have on children and how this can persist into

adulthood. We are saddened to know that such abuse happened both to children in our care, as well as to those not known to us and privately placed in Voluntary Children’s Homes.

‘therefore, on behalf of the HSCB, we would offer a sincere apology for anything that our staff either did or failed to do, which led to such abuse occurring.

‘We would, however, also want to reassure the Applicants to the Inquiry, others who suffered such abuse, and the general public, that the safeguarding position for children today is very different than it was historically.

‘there is now a much greater awareness of all forms of abuse, enhanced staff training, better complaints procedures for children to report any potential abuse, greater inspection, as well as robust policies and checks and balances to ensure that every effort is made to minimise the risk of abuse taking place. However, sadly, no system in the world is able to eradicate abuse from occurring completely.

‘the HSCB would wish to offer all assistance possible for survivors of abuse in terms of any counselling and mental health services to support them through any trauma they are experiencing.’


Ulster University has launched a major student mental health initiative designed to improve the emotional wellbeing of students and tackle the social stigmas associated with seeking support.

Mind Your Mood is an innovative student-led campaign run in partnership locally with leading mental health charities Action Mental Health and Aware nI. With a recent national Union of Students report highlighting that eight out of ten students in UK universities experience some form of mental health issue, the Ulster University initiative aims to help

its students get the most out of their university experience.

Mind Your Mood will deliver workshops across Ulster University’s four campuses, providing a platform for discussion on mental health challenges and offering advice on enhancing emotional wellbeing. the workshops will cover everything from mindfulness, which contributes to reductions in stress and improvements in mood and productivity, to emotional resilience, which will help students learn how to tackle their mental health challenges at an early stage.

‘Ulster University’s world-leading research into mental health is helping to transform lives across the world,’ said Ulster University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Paddy nixon, ‘but it is vital that we balance this global focus by making a difference closer to home.

‘We have an important responsibility to equip our students with the knowledge, skills and confidence not just to excel in their academic life but also to manage their mental health and help them reach their full potential; Mind Your Mood will help us achieve that.’

SIgn UP foR tHE MARAtHon foR AgEnI!

the Belfast City Marathon will be run on Monday 1 May 2017, so now’s the time to put on your trainers and run – or walk – for AgenI! Even if you’re not superfit there’s bound to be some way in which you can take part! Choose from: full marathon, team relay, Eight-mile walk or fun run.

Sign up now at Registration £13 - £100 (depending on event). for your fundraising pack: email or call Rosalind on 07850 919 165.


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