I recently attended the BSo Roadshow to hear about some changes coming in the near future. the first part of the presentation covered the same topics and highlighted the same issues that have been covered for at least fifteen years.

this is not a criticism of the content or the audience, but it demonstrates that some of the same errors or bad habits are still being repeated for one reason or another. Staff change, people remember codes and use them and perhaps they are no longer in use or have been allocated to another product.

Here’s a summary of the roadshow if you weren’t able to attend. I have highlighted some of the important procedures for coding and batching your forms for BSo.

Coding • Always use an up to date version of the BSo Code Book to code your forms. I know a lot of pharmacists use their labelling software at the time of dispensing to code their forms. However, occasionally errors occur and due to changes at BSo, the quantity displayed on the software may not be

what you should use for coding the prescription. for example, some ointments/creams are marked as 1 in the software but are coded by weight or volume, eg, 15.

• Always write clearly in black ink and only code in the coding column. If you need to endorse an item please only write in the main body of the prescription form.

• Always code the items on the form in the correct order especially if there is a diamonded item. If you do not code in order you may receive payment for an item twice and not receive payment for the item you did not code.

• Code items that are not dispensed 88888/1. Do not use the endorsement n/D for items not dispensed as BSo will not accept this. If there is no other item on the form you should not submit this to BSo. You may destroy the form. It is good practice to take a note of them.

• Please submit the forms to BSo in the best condition possible. I know this can be difficult if it is already ragged and crumpled when received.

loCUM onlInE

UCA’s locum online service has recruited new pharmacists looking for locum, part-time or full-time work.

It’s really easy to use, but if you’re not sure how to login, call natalie Calder who will take you through the process in seconds.

Searching for a locum is quick and easy and many posts are filled within minutes. for more information, call 028 9065 6576.


UCA’s newest service is starting to gain momentum. our cost reduction specialist John Mcgowan is busy visiting pharmacies around northern Ireland in response to queries about the service.

You can have a no-obligation meeting with John to discuss your pharmacy’s requirements – call Adrienne on 028 9065 6576 for more information.

DRUg tARIff foR ExAM

UCA offer a printing service for Pre-reg Pharmacists taking the registration exam in June or october.

to order your copy of the Exam Drug tariff please email or call natalie Calder on 028 9065 6576.

Autocoding At the roadshow, BSo reminded everyone of the benefits of autocoding and advocated that it is best to put any fully coded form in the fully Coded Section of your bundle.

Some pharmacists will put a fully coded form in the amended section to ensure that it is seen, eg, if it is an expensive item. BSo said that this was not the right thing to do and the example they gave showed how a form for an expensive injection was fully coded but placed in the amended section.

on this occasion the form was coded incorrectly by the pharmacy. the code used was a legitimate code for a tablet and not rejected when manually keyed in. the result was that, instead of being paid for the expensive injection, the payment made was a few pence for a tablet.

Had this form been placed in the fully Coded Section and the barcode was totally undamaged (which there really is no way of knowing) then autocoding would have read the barcode and paid the cost of the injection.

BSo states that autocoding is:- • Accurate • needs no manual intervention • Speeds up the payment process by reducing the number of queries/rejected items • Enables a 30-day payment

What forms are Autocoded? • only fully coded forms • only when the barcode can be read • When the quantity is an integer (ie, don’t write mls or gms, just the quantity number)

What happens to forms put in Amended Section • Amended forms go to manual data entry • no forms placed in the Amended Section go to autocode

UCA Members will receive further e- zines and materials on topics covered in the roadshow.

no Cheaper Stock obtainable (nCSo)

PSnC have published the following changes to their nCSo list for January. to view the UCA Concession Price tracker, click

New Concessions listed for January 2017

Buspirone 5mg tablets (new) leflunomide 10mg tablet (new) Valsartan 40mg capsules (new)

Concessions NOT listed in January Bumetanide 1mg tablets

Pack size

30 30 28

Price concession

£19.54 £8.20 £4.72


fludroxycortide 4mcg/sq cm tape 7.5cm 20 lorazepam 2.5mg tablets Metronidazole 400mg tablets Ropinirole 0.25mg tablets

28 21 12


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