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Funky Fitness & Fun Latest... by Carita Smith

Hello! from all of the members and staff of Funky Fitness and Fun! It is early in March and we have decided Spring is in the air! Hasn't it been a chilly one so far? However, the snow and the rain have not dampened our spirits.

Flo, the minibus always gets through to our members, with her motto of "keep on, keeping on" helping us on our way to trips out and getting our members safely to our day centre in Greenfield and home again.

As well as two days a week in the Satellite Centre we love our two days out and about in the community. We join in activities, learn skills that help us to be independent, eat out and generally have fun socializing with the lovely people out there.

We regularly join with the MENCAP Drama Group in Oldham, who enjoy having their own 'little' theatre where they put on their own shows. Funky Fitness and Fun are to be the cabaret before a show of "An Inspector Calls". We are learning 20s songs such as Anything Goes and Cheek to Cheek as well as a sketch and a tap dance too.

This year is our 9th birthday and we celebrated by going to watch the film "Sing" at the new Odeon Cinema in Oldham. Our members though it was brilliant, funny and amazing.

As a one-off trip for our Wednesday group we organised a drum and music workshop run by Louise Bishop. A mix up at our original venue meant we had to find a new place to hold the session. We found ourselves travelling over the Sky Road into Yorkshire arriving at the wonderful "Hope Bank Works" in Honley. It turns out to be a hub for musicians from all around so, with our happy band of drumming musicians, we fitted in perfectly.

Our last big trip was to the Blue Planet Aquarium in Cheshire Oaks where we saw many wonderful sea creatures. Every size and shape of fish, eel and shark. We had many comedy moments that day bringing our members and staff alike closer together.

Our next trip is to be to the police museum in Manchester. We are looking forward to that and also to our St.Patrick's night out. As usual you can catch up with all of our exploits on our Facebook picture page.

At our day centre we continue to encourage each other in our fitness classes and with our eating and drinking choices. We are learning about the benefits of healthy options eating. At the moment we are discussing the health benefits of Quinoa and Adiki beans.

We have been enjoying more group discussions of late and been talking about the things we are good at, recording on a sheet ready to include the things we want to improve. We have been performing creative dance inspired by a Dance Syndrome performance we watched called Orbit at the Metropolitan Theatre in Bury in January.

As part of our healthy ethos we have been enjoying lots of walking around Uppermill, working up an appetite in time for our regular visits to Scona Cafe where the staff are very accommodating with all our dietary needs providing us with healthy foods. Our members have been encouraging each other to choose the better option, often opting for nourishing salads.

Ultimate Body Fitness

Ultimate Body Fitness Ltd has its own unique private training facility based in the heart of Saddleworth with easy access to Oldham and surrounding areas. The gym has recently been renovated to a high standard with a variety of quality equipment which means all sessions will be fun, varied and tailored to suit your individual requirements.

Want to get fit, tone up or lose weight but don’t like public gyms or need that extra little nudge?

• Free intial consultation • 1 - 1 Personal training sessions • Small group sessions with friends or family • Individually tailored Nutrition Plans • Individually tailored Training Plan • Supplement advice • Registered Les Mills Bodypump and boxercise instructor

DISCOUNTS FOR BLOCK BOOKINGS Fully insured, first aid trained and DBS checked.

Please contact Hannah for more details on 07870 367600


The Gym is run by personal trainer Hannah Allingan who is committed to helping you achieve your goals through a balanced approach to training and nutrition. If you are serious about wanting to change your lifestyle, then Hannah is looking forward to working with you. Hannah is a qualified level 2 gym instructor, a level 3 personal trainer and also a Les Mills Bodypump qualified instructor

"I love food! Especially pizza and sweets so you won't see me demonising any food groups." Says Hannah. "I don't use the approach of low carb / low fat / dust diet and do truly believe you can lose weight whilst still enjoying the foods you love. My approach is honest and realistic, I won't make false claims or promise drastic results with minimal effort. My aim however, is to educate and instil new healthy habits that can last a lifetime. I have a strong passion for the health and fitness industry and hope that you can share that passion with me too." The first session will involve a comprehensive initial physical, nutrition and lifestyle assessment to give me the information needed to create a training programme specifically for you. Each client will receive a detailed nutrition plan, a training plan to complete at home, and weekly check ins where weight and body measurements are assessed.

Sessions are usually 1 hour long but if necessary can be changed to 1/2 hour or 45 minute sessions to suit your fitness levels or schedule. The wide range of equipment means each bespoke session will be fun, varied and will most importantly help you achieve your desired goals. You can purchase individual sessions or take advantage of discounts with block bookings. Group sessions are also available for up to five people if you want to train with a friend, family member or a colleague.

For more information or to book a session with Hannah please go to

or Tel: 07870 367600.

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